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Comment Re:The Era of Linux is at hand (Score 1) 240

Bullshit, there are different thing you can pirate, in case of software, with large software companies the creator is rewarded by an hourly pay he gets when he writes the software, the people rewarded when I buy software are stockholders, they didn't create anything. The only time your argument is valid is when the pirated material is created by a small private firm (like indie games), then you are correct, the creator is rewarded when I buy the software

Comment Re:Could be really cool in about 5 years or so. (Score 1) 219

Probably worded it out wrong. When I said "never ment to run directly in the browser" I ment that browser vendors never shown interest in making those languages run in the browser, there was never a plan to make them part of the browser. I see no reason to not use lua as js replacement but no vendor shown interest in doing so. with dart, at least 1 major vendor will, and perhaps google will manage with time to convince others. As for IE and Safari, if enough people use it and mozilla joins the party, eventually I think they will do it, especially since the vm will be open source so they could just fork it to fit their needs and they need not write their own. until then you can just compile to js for those 2 and send dart code to others.

Comment Re:Could be really cool in about 5 years or so. (Score 1) 219

Because all of those were never ment to run directly in the browser. With dart there is hope that one day browsers will support it without compilation, chrome should have it soon, others perhaps later. With dart the compilation to js is just for a transitional phase until browsers adopt it. So it has more potential to become popular if developers think of it that way.

Submission + - Google starts to detail Dart (

mikejuk writes: Google has released an early preview of Dart. It is as revolutionary as we might have hoped for a JavaScript killer — or just another Java clone? At first look it is just another implemenation of a class based object oriented language with optional typing — so nothing new here. Compared to JavaScript it is uninspired and tedious but it probably gets the job done.

Comment Re:Why am I so surprised :) (Score 1) 213

There are apps that cannot be ported to html5 - most games will be too slow inside the mobile browser (perhaps not with the new chips in the ipad2 but right now the current iphone and ipod are not fast enough to run heavy graphics inside the browser). On the desktop with dual or quad core 2-3 ghz cpu's and a few gigs of ram, you could do almost anything in html5, but it's not the case in the iphone. Censorship on native code is still censorship, and if someone points out that there is no censorship on native code on the other side of the fence it is not hypocrisy.

Comment Re:Why am I so surprised :) (Score 3, Interesting) 213

But you forget that android's marketplace is NOT the only legal way to buy and sell apps. even if google rejects the game, the developers can still just send a link to download the game (you know, like normal software) or publish it at amazon's appstore. If you are rejected by apple you're only way to share the game is to jailbroken devices. That's why ios is a walled garden, and android is not. (I am talking about the censorship part. slave labor and outsourcing is done by everyone)

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