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Comment Re:So how is a 16 year old report news? (Score 2) 473

Or perhaps he knew exactly what he was doing?

Tai: So as you can see I used this method to calculate the surface underneath the graph, and as you can clearly see the results show that....
Fellow MD1: Wait, what method? That looks pretty sciency!
Fellow MD2: Cool method, did you think of it yourself?
Tai: Huh, I just calculated the surface underneath the graph, it's basic calculus you know?
Fellow MD1: Calculus schmalculus, did you think of publishing your method
Fellow MD2: Yeah you should totally publish this! Call it Tai's method or something, it's awesome!
Tai: I guess...
137 citations-> Profit!!!!!!!

Comment Re:Grad student here (Score 1) 404

This counts for the US, most Dutch students won't have such debts. Tuition is 1500 EUR/year, many students find time for a parttime job during undergrad studies, otherwise mom & dad step in. I was debt free when I started my PhD.

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