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Comment Same here (Score 2) 105

When we go on vacation i pick up a sim card for cricket (which uses ATT network) to go along with our TMobile phones. Last time we took a vacation and drove from the Texas panhandle up through the black hills in South Dakota we had absolutely no service from TMobile the whole way. Normally here in Austin and in other populated areas TMobile works great and is much cheaper than getting a plan from ATT or Verizon (who actually do have coverage in a lot of the sparsely populated areas.) The meager 5 MB of roaming that TMobile offers (per month) was completely useless since it was immediately eaten up by google maps and syncing email.

Comment Simple? (Score 2) 302

Nothing is simple when you have a million users. Sure, it's quite easy to do a quick search and delete on a small number of mailboxes but for a million? It's a shit ton of servers and mailboxes to search through. At least it works better than it used to... Still, i'm surprised that they didn't restrict who could send to the distribution group (I"m pretty sure they are using MS Exchange.) There are lots of examples for scripts to do the search & delete but it probably has to be broken up into lots of smaller batches to avoid killing servers or hitting memory limits. Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "domain.local/Users" -resultsize unlimited | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery 'Subject:"PDF version of memo" ' , 'From:"email@domain.com” ',”Sent:03/02/2015" –DeleteContent -TargetMailbox “target@domain.com” -TargetFolder “Delete” -loglevel full

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