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Comment Simple? (Score 2) 302

Nothing is simple when you have a million users. Sure, it's quite easy to do a quick search and delete on a small number of mailboxes but for a million? It's a shit ton of servers and mailboxes to search through. At least it works better than it used to... Still, i'm surprised that they didn't restrict who could send to the distribution group (I"m pretty sure they are using MS Exchange.) There are lots of examples for scripts to do the search & delete but it probably has to be broken up into lots of smaller batches to avoid killing servers or hitting memory limits. Get-Mailbox -OrganizationalUnit "domain.local/Users" -resultsize unlimited | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery 'Subject:"PDF version of memo" ' , 'From:"email@domain.com” ',”Sent:03/02/2015" –DeleteContent -TargetMailbox “target@domain.com” -TargetFolder “Delete” -loglevel full

Comment Re:getting money out without effecting share price (Score 1) 80

The amount of power required to charge a Tesla is vastly higher than most home solar arrays provide (even if you dedicate them to charging the car, which you can't since most people take their cars with them during the day and solar arrays don't produce at night.) Solar City was facing hard times due to the economics of solar and shifting the ownership to Tesla isn't going to change that, it will just shift the costs. (I installed an 11kw solar array at my home so i do realize what's involved regarding cost, installation,etc. )

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