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Lord of the Rings

Journal daniil's Journal: I used to be a werewolf 3

A boy once got bitten by a toad. Now, you might be wondering how on Earth could a toad bite anyone; after all, not all toads have teeth. Well, this one did have. It had exactly two teeth, both stuck in its back. You see, a snake had bitten this toad a few days before, and its teeth had gotten stuck in the toad's back. No poison was involved, though, so the toad was still alive. But it wasn't well at all, as there was some sort of an infection in both of these wounds and it was slowly killing the toad.

The snake had had rabies (that also being the reason why there was no juice left to kill the toad) and now, the toad was rabid as well. So it bit the boy we were talking about earlier on. The boy wasn't hurt, though, as the toad didn't have any teeth in its mouth. Meaning that the boy didn't get rabies. What a relief, huh.

Well, not really. See, the boy had been bitten by a werewolf the night before. He knew he was gonna become a werewolf if he didn't act soon, so he went to the swamp searching for a cure. Luckily, he got bitten by this toad not long after entering the swamp and didn't have to search no further. The toad wasn't exactly what the boy needed, but it was still better than nothing, as he knew he could swap it for two yellow tickets.

Two yellow tickets wouldn't cure him from Werewold Disorder, but he already knew that he could swap these for a lead pipe. The lead pipe would help him out at the River Crossing -- it's where the hobgoblins would always ambush adventurers -- and get him to the Dragon's Keep. He still didn't know how he was going to persuade the Dragon to help him, but he figured he'd come up with something on the way there.

So he set off to the blue mountains.

At that point, i decided it was about time i went to bed. I saved the game and switched off the computer.

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I used to be a werewolf

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