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Comment Ok? So it's Eldy but.. (Score 1) 59

... in some probably unnecessarily fancy/expensive hardware?

Eldy, runs on most hardware, it's about a 13MB download free as in Gratis/Freeware and packs a Developers Network for bugs, translations and so forth.

In other words: Go ahead and recycle some hardware! Get a sturdy desktop or better yet, build a frame around it if needed be or hook it to a bigger (flat)TV.

I'm sure there exists some keyboards with bigger keys today if that is a requirement. Anyhow, it would be cool with a free as in Freedom oshw keyboard that was easy to build for the average /.-readers. Molding the keys or heck better yet, printing (im sure someone would help on the forums) a mold and molding with some silicone/rubbery material.

Comment Well.. (Score 4, Informative) 152

I'd say RepRap. Not that it is "unknown", but strange it is not mentioned all that often when one thinks about from that first blogpost in -05 and what have happened since. Especially these days when you can get the plasticparts (clonedel), stepper motors on ebay and a small drillpress for cheaps. Not to mention tiny "one board", easy to solder through hole solutions like Sanguinololu.

Passwordmaker generates ditto for all my internets accounts, pinpadlocks etc. Runs on whatever you throw it at, as javascript, android, crapple, N900 (Thanks George (caco3)!), as CLI. Portable to say the least, mature and of course secure to the extent of what cards you got up your sleeve.

I use Zim to organize everything these days! It's stays out of your way and doesn't complicate things. It uses textfiles as database, which is really nice as you get access to your stuff quickly through a terminal for example. Ok, sure I long for the day that it gets say a Couchdb-plugin...

Redshift safes my eyes from getting cooked. I have yet to download that maemosandbox and compile it for my N900 though. There was a new release a few days ago btw, some new fine functions and not "just" bugfixes!

Comment Yes, yes... (Score 1) 128

"Omg, what am I going to do about my eight char password I use half across the Internets?"

One could print out a passwordcard.
Then one might start using passwordmaker, to whatever phone/OS one fancy. By which time one (sh/c)ould check if ones passwords are long enough and while this "one" is at it, have a look at these tricks from an almost "tl;dr-ish" list. Now, apply elbow grease and a bit of go figure. "Problem solved? Moving on?"

Oh, who am I kidding? Then all those (fear) mongering polemics would have to starve and we cant have that now can we? *fancifying tinfoilhat*

Comment Re:SmartCards (Score 1) 615

Since GPUs are rendering traditional passwords insecure and obsolete, why not go with a broader usage of smart cards? Also, build in mechanisms to deny IP addresses from machines that are attempting to use brute force. I do it with OpenBSD's PF. After so many failed attempts over a period of time, the IP gets blacklisted. After 24 hours, the blacklist gets purged.

Yeah, two-factor authentication or more is really essential here.
eCryptfs wrapped passphrase file and pamusb on two usbdrives is a nice and complement to my generated 30char login password at home.

I use passwordmaker extensively, I feel safer with it since it is not a database as the application keypassx.
Usually I generate my passwords by user@host/email/domain/padlock/whathaveyou. Also I have a few modified tricks up my sleeve, that I learned on passwordmakers forum. It works everywhere! Even my brother with his iphone uses it, he even has the habit to take the two last chars in the generated passwords and paste it somewhere. Or so he said at least.

And certainly Yes, then there is always that question: 'Who have I trusted by installing this or that software'
Whom am I to say my (master)passwords is safe, since I generate them in my phone?

Comment Re:Dunno if that helps (Score 1) 615

My passwords(for important things like the disk encryption one or my work email) are at least 13~15 characters long, including Upper-Lower cases, numbers and special characters, and no dictionary words. Now I did my part, so how about the people on the server side ?

I would also like to know, how come/why say sha(2) is not the default instead of md5 and/or why blowfish is not supported by glibc? Long time user of passwordmaker here. Change my masterpassword every year, twentyfive char password where THEY will let me. *adjust tinfoil*

Comment Compress, generate strong password, encrypt. (Score 1) 134

At least download (crossplatform LGPL.), to encrypt your files.

Using the same password over and over again?
Install to generate all your passwords.
Exists for most browsers, as javascript, CLI, also Maemo (in development), android, iphone.

All the above is useless of course, if your OS is not up to date and depending on platform don't use the usual anti-malware/virus.

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