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Comment Remote Desktop Fullscreen bug (Score 1) 382

Interestinly enough, this exact resolution (1366x768) triggers a bug in remote desktop that prevents it from going fullscreen when the window is maximized... switching to 1360x768 or any other resolution makes the issue go away as a workaround, you can use CTRL+ALT+BREAK to go fullscreen Please MS. fix this! it's really annoying

Comment I hate books. period. (Score 1) 538

I hate dead tree books.. they are heavy, awkward to hold, no backlite, no search
I hate ebooks. expensive, you don't own them, needs power
I hate books. too long, full of pointless drivel. every chapter repeating the last.
text is too low a bitrate for me... I get bored easly.
also, I have an hypothesis. People with Myopia usually like to read , because upclose they see better, with less effort. I have hypermetropia, and for me to focus on near objects requires a lot of effort giving me huge asthenopia (even with the correct glasses). And because of that I hate to read long books.
audio-books are even worse... I can't concentrate on a guy reading a dumb text in a monotone voice. and when they have actors, they usually suck
I like reading wikipedia entries for books.. it sums it up pretty nice for me. really compressed bitrate (thou lossy)

Comment Re:WOW (Score 1) 476

in the old powerbook g3 (wallstreet, lombard and pismo) you could replace the battery while the machine was sleeping.. without shutting down or connecting to AC power also, those models had dual media bays that could hold 2 batteries.. just awsome too bad johnnny ives is such a minimalist these days

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