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Comment Re:And then those employees burn down your restaur (Score 1) 1023

Here's the thing though, that $15 wage is a strawman.

I agree with you about this. With tidal changes in technology and how civilizations do things, there have some businesses made obsolete. For example buggy whip manufacturers with the advent of the car. With robotics and AI, what if humans (labor, thought, creativity, bargaining, etc) are the buggy whip?

Comment Warrant canary (Score 1) 70

Perhaps companies/groups that write such software could implement a "warrant canary." See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Once you are served with a secret warrant, you are legally bound not to disclose that you have been served. They can however stop updating the "We have not been served" status on their website letting users/people know that they have been served.

If you work on an security project and haven't been served, please do this now. And blink twice if you can't say anything....

Comment Re:Cluster Fuck (Score 5, Interesting) 401

If Apple is as serious as they say they are about security and privacy, they need to change the OS/firmware/hardware to make updating a phone impossible without either unlocking the phone or wiping it clean. This way, when this happens again, and it almost certainly will, they can honestly say, we can't rather than we would rather not.

Comment Re:A computer with PARI (Score 1) 238

I was not aware of that program. I would like to offer a python alternative, a set of number theory functions written by Wm Stein. You can find a copy on github:

I would argue that seeing how these are computed using fairly short python code gives an appreciation for how things happen. For example, you can see that factor can be implemented using a few lines of python:

def factor(n): ... comments were here
        if n in [-1, 0, 1]: return []
        if n < 0: n = -n
        F = []
        while n != 1:
                p = trial_division(n)
                e = 1
                n /= p
                while n%p == 0:
                        e += 1; n /= p
        return F

And would also introduce him to the projecteuler.net to practice coding and direct his energy. And the greatest gift is your time and devotion-- can't put a price on that.

Comment Re: Just like deepwater horizon (Score 1) 292

Not an expert in this field, but what you are advocating would almost certainly not work for natural gas. Imagine a propane tank with an access port where you can add or remove gas (don't know if the gas is liquified at storage temperatures and pressures). If the tank springs a leak somewhere else in the tank, you are not going to be able to seal it with a fluid that falls to the bottom when you pump it in-- unless the leak is at the bottom. What you propose works when the stored fluid is about the same density as concrete but in this case, the concrete will immediately separate and fall to the bottom.

Don't get me wrong, I have no sympathy for the petroleum industry but I am sure they are trying to fix this as quickly as possible given the bad PR.

Comment Re:Storage Well (Score 2) 292

Can't tell if intentionally trolling or just slightly misinformed. When people talk about carbon sequestration, no one is considering what you just wrote. There are several different methods of carbon sequestration. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

but they involve turning CO2 into solid form, e.g. mineral carbonates (think calcium carbonate, i.e. antacid), that are buried.

Comment Re:TSP (Score -1, Flamebait) 481

Wow. First of all, frack you and the frackers who modded you up as "informative." You are a self-centered misguided narcissist.

Maybe I don't have a second point. Or heres one: imagine if corporations thought the same way about dumping crap into our waterways: inorganic solvents, mercury, hexavalent chromium, CFC? Maybe one factory can't mess things up too bad but imagine if every factory thought they were a snowflake. Thats when lakes catch on fire. You think its OK for you to dump phosphates because its just your little self? How much damage can one little person do? You possibly informed thousands of people how to sidestep an important environmental regulation.

I would be ashamed if I did crap like this and here you are bragging about it, Worse yet, you seem to understand why the regulations are in place. Perhaps you think that if only a few snowflakes did it, no one would know? You shared your secret and now probably more people are going to do it. When do you think they will start regulating the TSP in the paint section? Good job.

And thirdly, don't mod up assholes!

Comment Re:It's been available for a while (Score 3, Interesting) 94

Even without the detour, what are the security ramifications of connecting a foreign device to your network? Its from Amazon, they have an image to protect, but what if they get hacked or the packaged gets switched/tampered with en route? The device can silently start making its way around your network collecting data you didn't want to upload.

I'll take off my aluminum Faraday beanie cap now.

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