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Comment Re:Maybe they can "invent" Angry Bird Go (Score 2) 51

Because Apple is no longer a computer company. They are a phone/tablet company.
They don't care about their Mac Pro sales unless they can have very high margins, much larger than competing PC makers. That's what the current Mac Pro is, a niche product for all two people out there who need an expensive workstation with professional video cards / CPU but no room for storage.

Comment Re:You have more freedom than you think (Score 1) 460

You'd likely end up spending much more than 40h / week to build and maintain your house and grow and prepare your food. I wouldn't consider that having more freedom. You would have less free / leisure / sleep time.
And you would also need to pay your property taxes so you would need a little income. And I hope you didn't plan on getting sick or having children as you will either be out of luck or on welfare.

Comment Re:No more terrorists needed (Score 2) 174

The terrorist is already optional, at least on site. You only need to be able to install a cell-phone with a data plan as well as the hardware required to remote control the car. No need for self-driving and this can be done by modifying any current car/truck. The terrorist can sit comfortably in ISIS' headquarters while remote controlling the truck. It just happens to be cheaper to sacrifice a terrorist than to build that setup.

Comment Re:Real problem with tesla -- no charging stations (Score 1) 174

I meant a regular (non-Tesla) EV would be fine a second vehicle for most people. A Tesla is a fine first vehicle for most people. Don't forget many people spends as much on gas as on their car.
A lot of people have two cars and both are reliable enough for a long trip.

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