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Comment Re:How can a taxi company... (Score 1) 130

Uber spends far more money on marketing and ride subsidies than on running their servers. They undercut taxi companies by simply losing money on each ride in many markets.

And also by paying less in taxes and licenses than competitors.
Uber is not a tech company. It is not a taxi company either (the drivers are, though). It's a lobbying company.

but there is also a good chance prices would go up significantly if they ever win their battle with taxi companies.

This is the only reason why Uber investors accept loosing that much money now. They want a future monopoly with higher prices.

Comment Re:12% is dangerously low (Score 1) 189

Oh I understand perfectly there is a compromise to make between having a large display and a small phone.
That doesn't make the small phone more readable. A larger phone with more pixels can't be less readable than a smaller phone with less pixels. No matter the DPI of each.

High DPI is a corollary of high pixel count. What make text readable is high pixel count, not DPI.

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