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Comment Re:I can understand why Henley is pissed (Score 1) 286

Use of Don Henley's well-known music implies that he supports the DeVore, which he clearly does not. In that sense, it is defamatory to Don Henley

What? How on earth does using this tune imply that Henley has anything to do with it? It is clearly meant to be silly. I had difficulty understanding what the heck you were talking about...

Then I saw you start to drift to talk about ripping off conservative's music (what?) and then onto demon sheep political advertisments (how is that relevant?) and then onto "Repugnantcan" (did I spell that right?) douchebaggery. That's when I realized that your rant is basically like grampa simpson yelling at a cloud. Why is this troll modded up?

Comment Re:I thought it was pretty simple (Score 3, Informative) 286

I remember that Satriani v. Cold Play lawsuit. I'm not lover of Cold Play, but it seemed like a bit of a stretch on Satriani's part.

The problem here is that Copyright Law if just poorly thought out, ambiguous, and lacking common sense.

When is one piece of music copying another? When are two pieces of music "different enough" to be considered different pieces of intellectual property? These are actually much more complicated questions than you might think (and this is just talking about music copyright).

All music crosses lines with other music to a certain extent. Check out these two youtube videos for a quick and witty illustration by a couple musicians:

PS: Also, it's funny how everyone on Slashdot is all of a sudden on the side of the copyright enforcer.

Comment Re:on the up side (Score 1) 268

Along the lines of MST3K, everyone should check out this long criticism of The Phantom Menace:

But be prepared: it is 70 minutes long. That's right... 7 ten-minute youtube videos.

It is impossible to explain to you why you should ever care about watching a movie criticism that is close to half the length of the movie itself. So all I can say is.... just watch the first video (or just half of the first video), and I'm pretty sure you will get it.

(And there is now an Episode II review up as well)

Comment Re:Biased much? (Score 1) 242

My point isn't that everybody should read hotair to be balanced. I personally don't read hotair because I just don't feel like it.

My point is that dismissing it because it is "biased" or, as you put it, a "hate site" is a bad way to go. If, as a country, the US reaches the point where one side dismisses the other side's arguments as simply "stupid" or "hateful" or "evil" or whatever without even understanding the arguments... then yes, that is the very definition of closed-mindedness.

Comment Re:Biased much? (Score 2, Insightful) 242

To be honest, I find it a bit disturbing that you could simply dismiss the OP's links because you don't like the website they came from. This really highlights the growing trend of the absolute polarization of American politics.

Of course hotair is super conservative, but what does that have to do with what is said? There are facts, citations, and original documents in those posts that the OP put up, and that conservative hotair commentator uses those facts to try to illustrate a point. Maybe it is a dumb point. Maybe the hotair author cherry-picked his facts. But what is the harm in reading it?

You should be able to read Paul Krugman, then read Charles Krauthammer, then read hotair, then read dailykos, and do so without dismissing any of them out of hand because they "have a bias". Of course they do. That is the whole point. That's why people read them.

I think this trend of political polarization in current American politics is awful. Talk about closed-mindedness.

Comment Re:Lenovo (Score 1) 583

Why are you suggesting a Firefox addon for a complaint about MSIE 6.0 in an environment where you can be fired for using anything other than MSIE?

Wow a little touchy huh? I'm suggesting flashblock to everybody. There are probably people out there who aren't as 1337 as you and maybe haven't heard of it.

Comment Re:installed versus auto-start (Score 2, Insightful) 583

the assumption by software vendors that their software is so important that it should auto-start

It is not exactly that they think their software is that important... it is a way of cheating.

When they "auto-start" the app when the operating system loads, they are pre-loading some memory and executing some initialization. So then, when you go to start their program.... BAM! It pops up so quickly! What a great piece of software, it is so fast!!!

And yes, this trick works on about 99% of users.

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