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Comment He sounds VERY pro-government! (Score 4, Interesting) 72

I am an Iranian dissident living outside Iran and this guy is VERY pro-government, which is a rarity in Iran if you are following the news.. Line 41: "A message in Persian: Janam Fadaye Rahbar" Means "my life sacrificed for the Leader". Only Khamenei goons otter that. I smell something fishy. Can't be a lone hacker...

The State of Iran's Ongoing Netwar 263

An anonymous reader writes "Following disputed elections in Iran, opposition groups and activists have turned conventional protests into a major threat to the ruling government. The low-intensity protest movement is rapidly becoming the first true netwar of the 21st century. Opposition protesters have shown that within a few hours or less, the information technologies that are the mainstay of modern society can become its weapons, as well. This article examines the current situation in Iran and the part played by new media technologies and strategies, showing how far the theory and practice of netwar has advanced since the concept first emerged in the late nineties."

Submission + - First raytracing video is ouut!

damoncz writes: "Caustic Graphics® introduces CausticRT the world's first massively accelerated raytracing system — a perfect ray-trace machine on a workstation graphics card. Use CausticRT to create a uniquely high-performance, scalable rendering environment where image quality is never compromised". Visit for more information

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