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Comment Short-sighted Lies (Score 1) 685

This just seems like someone making a claim to (successfully) steal a headline. This is just like those that say that mobile phone games are the future of the gaming industry. As far as I am concerned, this is utter bullsh*t and is only a projection based on a short-term analysis of the data. Sure, mobile phones are the fastest growing market for games at the moment, but only because the PC market has reached saturation; this will happen with other platforms too (growth always tops out). Some operations can move off the PC platform (think email), while other operations would be horribly difficult or tedious after moving onto a new device (think extensive word processing, video editing, 3d rendering, or scientific calculation on something like a smart phone or a tablet.. *cringe*)

Comment Re:Unsustainable growth (Score 1) 461

I also see that there is a lot more people than it was 100 years ago, but there is still plenty of food that is thrown away, just to not over-saturate market; or limits in how much you can produce, fined if you fail to comply. At least here in EU.

But you have to appreciate that you have a distorted world view due to where you are and were raised. Not saying that distorted is bad, it's just not the whole picture; it's like saying that the whole Earth is only land because you've never seen an ocean

Comment Re:OK, show me how (Score 1) 461

(unsubstantiated claims)

Just because you say something is true does not make it so. You're going to need some heavy references if you're going to be making claims like "no resources we use are scarce." Just because it's there doesn't mean we can get at it, and just because we can get at it doesn't mean that it makes sense to do so. Most of the time, it's a matter of energy; the more you spend the more you can get at. The more places you use extra energy, the more the demand goes up; if supply stays the same (energy that is economically attainable, not some pie-in-the-sky, "it's there so we can get at it" mentality), then our market causes the price to blow up. The problem is that increasing the cost of energy increases the cost of everything due to some massive ripple effect. "Not enough fresh water? Oh we can make some from the ocean water, all we need is energy. Those crops there could put out more if we used more energy."

There is nothing wrong with anticipating problems and acting accordingly; it's ridiculous to charge into problems with closed eyes under some massive case of denial and figuring there are no problems if you just don't acknowledge them.

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