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Comment Re:drug patents don't work out economically (Score 2, Insightful) 213

If you do the math, it would be cheaper for the government (i.e., cost less in your and my tax dollars) to do away with drug patents altogether and pay for the full development cost of each drug.
Not that I support big drug companies or anything, but how are you coming up with that? Logic dictates that governments would be less efficient in producing drugs (like they seem to be with everything else). Further, you are then forced to rely on the current government in power to decide on what avenues (drug development wise) to pursue. If that was the case, you would never get things like the "morning after pill" or anything else that has any controversy behind it.

In fact, market forces cause companies to develop the most profitable drugs, but those are not the drugs we actually need.
Really? Well, the market seems to think that we need these drugs, doesn't it?

Drugs that actually cure, that are based on public domain substances ...
Huh? What are you suggesting? That pharmaceutical companies provide no drugs of non-trivial value to society? Interesting. What about the HIV cocktails like Isentress , Zidovudine ? I could go on and list a 100 more, but I think I have shown my point.

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