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Comment Re:Rather late (Score 1) 313

Also, let me know where I can buy an MP3 player with 2TB of storage space.

You don't need to have your entire collection always available to you
Many players (especially those that support FLAC) support user-changeable MicroSD cards

The FIIO X5 supports 2x128GB, so you can have a quarter terabyte of music instantly available to you, and keep the other 1.75TB in your pocket/smoke pack/whatever

Comment Re:A Taste of Armageddon (Score 1) 117

Oceania War 1950-1953 (That evil Oceania and Oceania how dare they disobey our interests)
Oceania War 1955-1973 (Those evil communist Oceania, how dare they not listen to us. It's because of those damn evil Oceania and Oceania)
Oceania War 1 1990-1991 (Our ALLY Saudi Arabia, who is the leading fundamentalist Islamic state responsible for the worlds largest existing Slave Trade, Most of the 9/11 bombers, has the largest military expenditure per capita and is not a democracy at all asked for this war.)
Oceania War 1993-1995 (Ok the CIA's fucked those damn commies in the ass, now how do we get what we want long term, fuck those muslims, we are the CRUSADERS!)
Oceania War 1998-1999 (Ok Slobodan a bit of a tyrant, but he's Christian, how do we stop those damn muslims teaming up with Oceania or Oceania )
Oceania War 2001 - Ongoing. (Fucking muslims. Fucking teleban. What a good spot to control, stupid Brits lost India, this will do... OCEANIA we're coming for you)
Oceania War 2003-2011 (How dare our puppet Saddam not listen to us again! Lol chemical weapons.)
Oceania 2011 (Fucking socialist, fucking IRA supporter, fucking gold money heathen!)
Oceania War 2014 - Ongoing (Yay Crusader kings we are. Fucking muslims. How dare you not listen to us. Oil. No gold money.)

There... FTFY

Comment Re:Do we really need this? (Score 1) 47

I don't have a smartphone. Are there places in the world where people pay for smartphones without any sort of data plan whatsoever?

Smartphones still can do a lot with just WiFi, and there are a lot of places with "free" wifi in generic metropolitan areas.
I know quite a few people with little-to-no data plan; i.e. many with no data-plan at all, and a significant number of people with very little (a few hundred MB)
Even the "small" data plans are used only for apps like Maps or Mass-Transit info (stuff that you may need while not near wifi); for all of their browsing and such while out of the house, they'll stop in at a Starbucks or something and do it there over wifi.

Comment Re:"our" (Score 1) 219

Because we have no other term (to my knowledge) to describe a collection of planets orbiting another star....and saying a collection of planets orbiting another star is waaaay too much of a mouthful.

And saying "planetary system" is also too difficult?

A planetary system is a set of gravitationally bound non-stellar objects in orbit around a star or star system.

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