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Comment Nice... oh, maybe not (Score 2, Informative) 175

When I first started watching the video demonstration linked to from the project page I though "nice" but after a while of watching obscure string after obscure string I realise that I'm probably better off just trying to memorise HTML instead of HTML *and* whatever the hell this is.

Comment Re:Law of thermodynamics violation? (Score 1) 820

I'm with rm999 on this; thermodynamics doesn't really come into it. Sure, if you thought that they were saying that they could indefinitely grow meat without having to provide nutrients and energy but they're not claiming this.

I think that where the real saving will come in is that they'll be using nutrients and energy to grow just meat as opposed to hoofs, farts, skin, bones, mobility and so on.

I heard once that it takes something like 1000 units of plant matter to create 1 unit of meat. If we can produce meat for anything less than this and it is for all intents and purposes identical (if only in sausage or burger form) then I can't see how anyone can object. It ticks all the boxes for animal welfare people, environmentalists and economists. (Perhaps not for essentialists though).

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