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Comment Re:Not all text (Score 1) 425

Hey guys, I see your point, but I don't think he's trashing on humanities. He's just stating facts. Humanities are mostly text-based lectures, whereas sciences involve a lot more graphs/diagrams/math. You take notes for humanities pretty well with just a keyboard. In engineering/science, not so much.

Comment Flawed logic (Score 1) 613

This makes no sense at all: "For the OS to be pushing the hardware limits this quickly is amazing. Windows 7 is not the lean, mean version of Vista that you may think it is." OS Pushing the hardware limits quickly? Really? That's just banter to start some drama. Last I checked hardware gets better with time and OS minimum requirements stay the same. So logically, any OS will push hardware limits the most at the beginning of its life and then as hardware improves, become less taxing.

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