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Comment Re:When the system fails, shut the lights off. (Score 1) 483

Your recollection is awful. Calfornia drivers are about the worst in the country. Flashing lights / Lights out, be prepared for the most incompetent driving you will ever witness. I was always told how great the freeways are designed, how great the drivers are, and how well maintained the roads are. The northeast dealing with freeze/thaw cycles has better maintained roads. People here are too stupid to pull off to the shoulder when they have a minor fender bender or their car starts to stall. Everyone NEEDS to be in the left lane. I have been cut off by soccer mom merging onto the freeway at 50 while the flow is 70 and she just floats across 4 lanes so she can park it in the far left. Maryland and the surrounding areas are impressive how quickly people will get out of the left lane. I've driven for miles in CA with 4 dumbasses driving the same exact speed side by side by side by side.

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