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Comment Re:Blame the others (Score 1) 395

As a photographer, I do know that it is exactly the same with photography and the visible colorimetry of a postprocessed imaged means nothing. Everything can be reworked and look nothing like the original shooting, and you can easily add those ugly lens flares and mostly simulate the golden hours (not the shadows, of course). And a friend of mine is working at ILM, you know ;)
And you are totally right about the mood and the intention of the director, but sometimes, it utterly fails. When it is too exaggerated and unrealistic, it makes things looks just akward (blue tinted lightning in Bathory) or stupid. Colors are a part of the grammar or movies, and sometimes, it just sucks and it looks like an old and crazy person uttering random insults at you.
Also, these colors and their meanings, most people have no clue about this, that is why it often fails. Matrix and it famous greenish look, I used to think there was an issue with the divx file I had:)

Comment Blame the others (Score 5, Interesting) 395

All recent DC Comics universe movies are know to have had an awfully hectic production process. The producers, and generally the Fox production teams have turned the movies into horrible mess.
By the way, Batman VS Superman is surely not the worst of all. Sure it is bad, but not so bad. This movie is just an average failure.
Man of Steel was a total trainwreck. The worst is that it looks awful. Visually, Man of Steel is the worst high budget movie I have seen for years. It looks like utter crap. It feels like the director had no steering power over his own film to make it consistent. I had not seen so many lens flares in a video since I watched Babylon V. The colors are mostly awful, and for whatever reason, the time in the movie is almost always late afternoon, whether the scene is in the US or in the foreign country. As a photographer I know that the golden hours sure look good, but it should be used sparingly.
How can such high budget movies can be shot so badly?

Comment Re:Open source projects are some of the worst. (Score 2) 300

Every single attempt I had at creating a new wikipedia page was deleted. So I do not care anymore about the damn thing, got no time for this.
Wikipedia is not about universal human knowledge, it is about creating knowledge that a moderator accept as valuable according to their own delicate tastes.

Comment Strange crowd (Score 1) 197

You got a puzzling bunch of engineers on your hands. An engineer is a person paid to solve technical problems. The technology used to solve the problems is almost irrelevant to the engineer thinking. I mean, whether I try to solve a cooking issue, an electronic issue, an electrical issue, a coding issue, a furniture issue, my brains just works the same way.
If these people are not engineering-minded, you cannot do much to change that. You can suggest them to have a look at some cool pieces of engineering, but you cannot force people to change.

Comment Re:Hint: It ain't the guy called in all the time (Score 1) 229

Jokes aside, the only thing I am good for when I am dead tired is doing my actual software engineering job. Seems like many others parts of my brain shut down, and I even often forget to drink my coffee when tired.
Doing the same job for years surely optimizes one's brain for a specific task.

Comment Dynamic content + shoddy plugins + monoculture (Score 3, Insightful) 119

And web agencies. You got a genuine recipe for disaster. But that's so much fun, all those cheap websites (my company included) which get defaced and hacked to death on a monthly basis, as it cannot be updated timely because they to need every single exotic and never updated plugins. I had to build a presentational website, 15 years ago, and you know what? I did use a static content generator, which I coded myself as it was dead simple! What's is stupid is that as many people told in replies, most of these sites actually needs zero dynamic content and would do as well with a static site generator. But hell, you got to pull the WordPress buzzword to please the corporate people, cause they need cheap flexibility, and buzzwords.

Comment Re:Laptop Replacement (Score 2) 376

What is a decent laptop now that pretty much every single x86/x64 processor has enough power to run about anything reasonable? And while I do not own a Surface for a religious reason (GNU Linux), it is surely a neat, compact and quite cheap machine. We got some of these, at my workplace, mostly for some specific applications testing.

Comment Tech is not the solution to everything (Score 2) 537

Sure, technical skills may improve some parts of the world, where the VCs do not corrupt everything. But we should start by making the world around us, our home, our family, our beloved people, our workplace, our towns, better places.
If you want to change the world, try to change your neighborhood for a start. Be nice to people. Even if your are not able to change the world, you can make some places on it nicer and some people happier.
Choose the solution, it may be technical, or not. Tech people know how to create stuff, investigate issues and solve problems. These are fine assets to change what sucks around you.

Comment Not awful language, but awful MS Office API (Score 1) 331

Visual Basic 6 was an acceptable procedural language, nothing to see there.
But usually, VB6 developers did not use solely VB6, they had to use the awful and crufty MS Office controls and APIs. The damn thing crashes for no reason, had awful performance on MS Access queries (a smoking pile of whatever is you hate the most), everything around MS Office to VB6 connectivity was terrible. And worse than terrible, it usually did not even work and was heavily under-documented. Random crashes, crazy behaviors, name your nightmare; it was in there too.
So no, I do not see the point of open sourcing VB6 as it will give us no access to all these APIs that may have be useful if they were working properly.

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