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Submission + - Blackberry 10 coming soon, does it really have a place in today's mobile market? (

damagedbits writes: Blackberry 10 is launching on January 30th, but from the looks of it, it's just another regurgitation of Android or iOS. With Windows Phone 8 and everything else, things aren't looking too hot for RIM and it's ancient mobile devices. It might work though... who knows

Submission + - Turn Ubuntu into a highperformance workstation. (

An anonymous reader writes: John Carmack Quakecon 2012: "Doom 3 is still taxing on a modern PC".
He talks about only being able to run it at 30 fps on consoles. And simplified the engine for Rage, to be able to do 60 fps.

Doom 3 does 3 passes to OpenGL, and is very sensitive to jitter.

However on a LOW-JITTER linux kernel + config, you can run it gliding and silky smooth at 72 FPS, showing no taxation at all.

And it does not need to be the latest hardware. A core2duo + gtx280 will do.

For more info:

A windows approximation can be found here:

Windows will not run doom 3 aswell, and still drop frames, but it will help "microstutter".

Peace Be With You.


Submission + - BitTorrent traffic is up 40 percent from six months ago ( 2

damagedbits writes: "BitTorrent traffic is still booming even though legal streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are on the rise. It's far from its all time high of the mid 2000's, but BT traffic is up 40 percent from six months ago. BitTorrent is responsible for about 11 percent of total Internet traffic in the US."

Submission + - Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds (

damagedbits writes: "So a nutrition professor went on 1800 calorie diet of convenience store snacks like Twinkies, Doritos and so on, and ended up losing 27lbs. LDL dropped 20 percent and HDL increased 20 percent — so it would appear that he's healthier, but he thinks that health biology might be missing something."

Submission + - taken down by gov't, Dotcom has to find new domain Read more at http://tec (

damagedbits writes: was supposed to be the “safe and unstoppable” reincarnation of Megaupload, and it had a damn good domain name, but it just so happens that the .ga domain is controlled by Gabon in Central Africa, and Gabon doesn’t want anything to do with Dotcom or his completely legit cloud storage service. But Dotcom isn’t letting this little mishap rain on his parade — he announced on Twitter that “[Mega has] an alternative domain. This just demonstrates the bad faith witch hunt the US government is on.”

Submission + - Xbox Surface: Microsoft's 7-inch gaming tablet (

damagedbits writes: The Xbox Surface will ship with an ARM processor – possibly an unreleased SoC Intel chip, a generous amount of RAM and overall be geared towards gaming tasks above all else.

A custom Windows kernel will be used for the OS rather than the basic Windows 8 or Windows RT setup of the regular Surface models; probably something that will resemble the Xbox UI a little more.

Production is likely to take place in the same Microsoft-owned factory that the Surface RT is being manufactured, rather than Foxconn or Pegatron where the next-gen Xbox console will be produced.

Submission + - Free broadband coming to New Zealand courtesy of Kim Dotcom Read more at http:// (

damagedbits writes: "So it turns out that is only part of Kim Dotcom’s resolution for 2013. Even though he’s still facing extradition to the US for alleged piracy, Dotcom has plans to resurrect Pacific Fibre’s failed project to construct a fiber optic cable across the Pacific to the US.

The new line will bring free high-speed broadband to New Zealanders and double the nation’s Internet bandwidth, setting Dotcom back about $400m.
Read more at"

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How do you promote a mobile app

mininab writes: "I recently did a website to find events around one's geolocation. Nothing new but html5 made possible things that were cumbersome before. I am now thinking about promoting it, tried facebook ads with little to no result, tried contacting blogs but they all want $50 to talk about it ( I suspect they don't even look at the stuff ). I tried all I could think of, and I'm hoping the slashdot crowd might have suggestions. I'm up against a few companies starting the same kind of service, and I'm afraid I can't compete with their well-funded marketing. I'm a lone dev, I'd hire a designer if I had money, so how can I promote on the cheap ?"

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