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Comment There a good reason for this... (Score 0) 129

Last year when some politicians decided games needed censoring - there was public debate. Then some violently deranged gamer left a scrap of paper on a politicians doorstep in a threatening way. So the government was forced into action - and you gamers only have yourselves to blame. You should do something socially productive like join the army instead of playing violent games..

I know it was a "politician" and some times they make shit up, actually this particular politician has a history of making shit up, but - oh, hang on.... and, um, isn't he pro-war.

Anyway - it could only happen here - oh, hang on... what's that music? Frank Zappa! "Congress Shall Make No Law" - now what's that all about?

Now get off my lawn I'm going to watch some good old family values comedy - The Three Stooges, yay

Comment Re:Not as long as it's done in a crippled way. (Score 0) 297

Shhh... You don;t want to show reality to a Freetard, he may become enraged and charge at you!

How's your Microsoft shares doing? My IBM shares are just OK - same as they have been for the last fifty years.

You've spent your first week out of grade school trolling on Slashdot - such a dedicated fanboi is clearly you're destined for greater things, like a big career playing video games and testing pr0n - or maybe you could cash in big as a spelling nazi,

I'll check back when you've reach puberty and see what other insights into industry you've got.

Comment Re:Not as long as it's done in a crippled way. (Score 1) 297

Oh yeah. I forgot that 'Openness' is what makes or breaks products in the marketplace.

Let's see, open vs. closed:

Internet vs. AOL CD vs. minidisc Linux vs. UNIX gzip/lzma/bzip2 vs. bzip OpenSSH vs. SSH OpenSSL vs. anything closed AES vs. anything closed Apache vs. IIS

Yup, that sounds about right.

Almost everything you use won because it's open, you just don't notice it anymore because it won so long ago that it just seems like part of the scenery now. DNS, DHCP, TCP/IP, HTTP, HTML, C++, Kerberos, LDAP, 802.3, 802.11, USB, the BSD sockets API, etc. etc. All things equal, customers prefer open to closed. Which means that closed is a state that can only exist prior to an open competitor reaching compatibility and substantial feature parity with the leading closed alternative, at which point customers choose the open alternative.

The only way closed is a long-term condition is when it is propped up by a monopoly, a cartel or a government.

Or to put it in a non-computer operating system/software way - he who makes that which allows the most other companies to add to - wins. The more third-party choices, the more market support/choice. And every time some lawyer/marketer says "lock that down and make a killing" - the lawyer/marketer makes a killing, the company just tends to take a dive (eventually). Oh sure, there's plenty of people who'll tell me Microsoft is the exception to the rule - what's the share price lately? In fact there's one in the following post - poor fool, obviously hasn't heard of webmail.

Comment Re:Careful what you wish for (Score 1) 369

That's why we need 2 congressional investigations in parallel. One run by Republicans digging up any dirt they can find on Democrats, and one by Democrats digging dirt on Republicans.

What we really need is a Highlander style competition amongst politicians. That way there's just one we need to feed to a tree chipper to restore democracy in the U.S.

News at ten, a new colour mid-way between white and black has been discovered, middle America collapses into cognitive dissonance and denial. (is it something in your water?)

The Texas Teapot Party is the only one that makes any damn sense.

Comment Re:Careful what you wish for (Score 1) 369

a democratic push for a congressional investigation of HBGary Federal

You're going to dig for info on their union-busting, but you're going to be very embarrassed if you find out that the Obama administration was in bed with these scumbags on some other sleazy project(s) that come up too. They were working for the banks, but some of these firms were (or at least had been) working for the government too. Might want to check with the White House before you start digging too deep.

BOA was what got these guys excited - you know the project that's *not* being discussed, the same thing that Wikileaks *was* going to leak early January.

I bet your mortgage any investigation (read NONE) will be tightly focused *away* from the BOA job. Deniable, deniable, deniable. Even the running rat'll claim he was under pressure to bring in funds, and Hogland's (I know nuffinK) wife will claim she was misinterpreted and kept out of the loop. Fuck, these scum won't even hire a script writer, they'll just recycle the head of the (Oz) NBN's previous defence (I didn't know what the people I manage and direct do with their days).

Bah fucking humbug, these folks were/are just another "Business" intelligence company - of which there are thousands, they just did worse (financially) than some of the others, hence the high risk/low return decision to go after Anonymous.

Comment Re:Eidetic (Score 1) 290

Glossing a little, there's a reason for the different words "photographic" and "eidetic" memory. Photographic is much like a natural version of the trained memory palace theme. Eidetic don't take snapshots, it is more like a well built web page that lets the user structurally find anything in some three links. My visual memory is terrible, but for a while I was pretty good at the US tax forms because oddly enough that body of law runs like a logic puzzle.

(All the whining you hear about it is from perceived non-importance, aka it is imposed. But geeks should have fun with it, because it's a giant If-Then maze. "You (use a 1040EZ unless you have a mortgage, but (only if the interest on the mortgage is greater than the standard deduction)) etc."

Agreed. Most of the people I've met who claim to to be eidetics confuse the two terms - and have neither abilities. I had one working here, his school friend also claimed the guy was eidetic - we sacked him because he was a fuckup who kept "confusing" things. He refused to admit he forgot things - they just "weren't important". And this guy was apparently a legend at Uni - so how come he constantly needed his password reset - and why lie when I'd say "again?" (confabulation?).

I suspect if real eidetics exist (total memory) they're smart enough to hide from researchers.

Fun with it? [screams in John Cleese voice] Who said you can have fun with it!! It's perfectly bloody simple!

Will those of you playing in the match this afternoon move your clothes down onto the lower peg immediately after lunch before you write home, if you're not getting a haircut unless you have a brother going out this weekend as the guest of another boy then collect his note before lunch, put it in your letter after your haircut. Make sure he moves your clothes onto the lower peg for you..

Comment Re:Duh (Score 1) 211

I guess it does make sense for many companies. The problem is that we webdevelopers are in the business of fixing things that aren't really broken, and then inventing new things to fix. People using 20 year old tech without problems is bad for our world view and our ego.

I have no problems with people using 20 year old tech - their mistakes are my advantages. Personally I wish everyone moved to HTML5 now. First thing I do is ask the client why they want a site, second is who's the audience - the decisions as to what to support stem from there. I still come across people who want just a single stylesheet for sites that serve to mobile and screen devices. A good third of the time (I'm just plucking figures out of my arse here) what the client wants the site for is just a colossal piece of shit. :-D

And now if you'll excuse me I'm going to see how the new kid is doing knocking up some sample templates for the client who flogs bullshit "miracle" diets... and after that I've got to quote on "a site that duplicates the functionality of r*%Tube" (sigh)

Comment Re:Palaces? (Score 1) 290

Failed to memorize. Ding ding ding. If they're putting any effort at all into memorization then they don't have a photographic memory. Instead, they should just remember everything they're paying attention to. The paying attention part might be hard though, since every new experience probably triggers a memory, and I'd think they'd spend a lot of time remembering things when they should be paying attention.

Recall == Remember. Makes no difference whether consciously memorized or not..

Have you never met people you've never met before (then)? Ditto with language, written or spoken. See "Danial Tammet" who learnt Icelandic in a week - considerably faster that those who claim to use techniques.

Sorry about the formatting, in a rush.

Comment Re:I read a similar story in a magazine recently (Score 1) 290

So as I mentioned elsewhere, this is a trick that helps people with bad memories.

.Nice sophism..

The effort involved in goofy long winded associations like this is not worth it for the few times I might ever forget someone's name.

If you call a 1 second process long winded....

What I'd really like to see is how this is applicable to people in actual useful ways. I mean, great, you can meet ten people at lunch and say goodbye to each of them, by name, at the end of lunch.

Do you hear voices? You're not only twisting words, you're inventing things. Go back read again, the words haven't changed.

But can you read a five page guide on how to get started with the GNU debugger and then sit down and apply it all in correct order and without referring to the guide?

Yes - I can even remember when I did that (1998). It's kind of a prerequisite for my job, though I have, and will continue to reread it - it does change.

When I think of a "photographic memory", THAT is what comes to mind.

Much of this thread is about defining "photographic" - you seem stuck on what you "believe". The current "science" is that "photographic" memories do not exist. At the risk of repeating what's been said earlier - selective, partial, recall is not the same as a photograph. Eidetic never meant "only images".

Not some guy who can remember that Alice has a big nose, Bob is fat, the sky is blue, and the sixth card in the deck is a five of spades.

Somehow, in your enthusiasm, you've turned using a key (facial characteristic) to remembering a person *and their name* into recalling just their first name. Is there something you're trying to say?

Perhaps you're just incapable of remembering what is written on the screen in front of you?

And what the fuck is wrong with the edits in the nu slashdot? paragraph tags or not, blockquotes or just quotes, and it still double spaces (sigh)

Comment Re:Obvious (Score 1) 211

One of the complaints I've heard about Firefox is that there is no way to do an installation similar to how msi files are setup.

If you mean that Firefox installs can't be "packaged" for .msi then you've been misinformed. It sounds very much like the argument trotted out by Finance for Group 8 - it is not correct, we'll happily tender for that job.

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