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Comment Re:solution in search of a problem (Score 5, Informative) 285

I understand that people like to jump onto privacy, but there are a couple of things to think about here: - We have a privacy policy that you can check out - There isn't much information we can actually get here because: a) The goal is to have JavaScript files cached regularly, so as you go to other sites the browser will read the library from the cache and never have to hit Google! b) If we can get browsers to work with the system they can likewise do more optimistic caching which again means not having to go to Google c) The referrer data is just from the page itself that loaded the JavaScript. If you think about it, if you included prototype.js anyway then we could get that information via the spider... but it isn't of interest. We are a for profit company, but we also want to make the Web a better faster place, as that helps our business right there. The more people on the Web, the more people doing searches, and thus the better we can monetize. Hopefully as we continue to roll out services, we will continue to prove ourselves and keep the trust levels high with you, the developers. Cheers, Dion Google Developer Programs Ajaxian.com

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