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Journal Journal: Well damn... 4

I go to GenCon for a mere four days and I come back to 57 messages at Slashdot. What are you people on?


Journal Journal: Please don't spoil Harry for everyone 6

Just a polite reminder that if you want to review Order of the Phoenix in your journal please mark clearly in the title that you are reviewing and if you are spoiling the plot. There are still some of us who haven't gotten the book. In my case the local bookstore didn't order enough for its reservations.

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Journal Journal: Clusters and Friends 2

I admit that I do add all my fans to my friends list. Except one, but I think he may have fled slashdot. If he is still around he may see this though.

Anyway I was scanning my friends list and noticed certain themes. Most of my fan/friends are also friends or fans of other fan/friends. Well that makes some sense. I find that journal comments stick in my mind more than random ones on the main pages. Also I started reading the journals of certain big names like FortKnox, ObviousGuy, and Xerithane. I think commenting there got me a few fans which grew.

My nick and my sig pretty much make it clear that I am female. I also have a large number of other presumed females on my good lists. Yes I will be more likely to add a friend if I think it is a female. Also if they have a name I can directly tie to my favorite RPG of all time, Shadowrun.

This post had no purpose other than to throw out some ideas I've had nagging me for a while.

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Journal Journal: More musing on the friends system 1

I noticed something odd today. ObviousGuy is now my friend, fan, friend of a friend, and foe of a friend. Its quite quite amusing now to look at his posts and see that half the line is taken up by his indicators. Also I've begun to collect some non-troll freaks making my freak total than my fan total.

Why write all this navel gazing journalness? Why not? I tend to be amused by the comments I get and at least having a bunch of trolls as freaks means I see some of the more creative names on slashdot.
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Journal Journal: First Freak 4

I acquired my first freak recently. Everyone give pcs305 a hand, I'm flattered that people actually dislike me enough to add me as a foe.
Which got me thinking, do people actually like the friend/foe system. What do people think of the new friend of friend, foe of friend?

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Journal Journal: Proud to be a feminist 2

This got me thinking.

Why do people dislike feminists? Why do women get sexist and harrasing comment on slashdot? Hell why do we get stared at in CS classes.
No I don't have an answer, all I know is that eventually you can be accepted as "one of the boys" but usually only if you act like one of the boys. Thats not quite a good thing.

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Journal Journal: Trolls

I know this has been said by many people: Why do people continue to respond to flamebait?

I don't get it. Trolls aren't worth my time and emotional energy and they haven't been since my first flamewar on Usenet. Why give them the satisfaction of riling you?

eh, such is life.

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Journal Journal: heh...oops

Well maybe in response to my last post, all my fans have deserted me.

I didn't realize people actually read my rants.

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Journal Journal: Wandering around 1

This is a bit of a random thing but what is it with the guys who add me as a friend because I have a feminine sounding nick? I don't think it is because I write incrediably interesting and life altering posts. And I know it doesn't happen to my friends with masculine or neuter names.

Really, what is going on?

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Journal Journal: +1 bonus

Well, I got my +1 bonus today. Somehow it was incredibaly anti-climatic. Or something.

Actually I have had this account for a long time but I didn't start posting until Febuary 14th, 2002. Yup, I wished CmdrTaco and Kathleen well and I still wish them well.
Then I got this urge to see how hard it would be to get karma without resorting to karma whoring or blatant microsoft bashing. It turned out to be pretty damned hard. I never got modded down much; I was just ignored. But eventually I made it and not only that I get mod access pretty frequently. So be afraid of me or something on my climb to get 50 karma.

Or something.

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