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Comment Re:Ordering and Convergence (Score 5, Informative) 981

This is incorrect - the question DOES not disallow the second child being a boy and born on Tuesday.

Here's a reply to the article: (I haven't verified for mathematical correctness)

"The "(and only one)" qualification suggested by Ralph Dratman is _not_ required. Indeed, in the first case of the analysis, "older child is a boy born on Tuesday", the possibility that the younger child is also a boy born on Tuesday is explicitly included and counted. The hypothesis for the second case does exclude the possibility of both being boys born on Tuesdays. The two cases are mutually exclusive and exhaustive.

Note that if the puzzle had included the "(and only one)" qualification, then the possibility count would have been 13 (6 for boy and 7 for girl) in both cases, and the probability drops to 12/26."

Comment Mobile Programming (Score 2, Insightful) 704

Android and iPhone OS's are the new Mac's and Windows back in the day. Get him an Android Dev Phone 1 ( or buy any of the cheapo androids out on ebay and have him start learning the API. It's awesome, easy, and he can create some really nice looking apps pretty quick. It's a great way to get someone excited about programming in this day and age.

Comment Re:If MS holds the patent, then why don't they use (Score 1) 286

You may be able to implement a system where every function knows what "version" it is and also keeps the old functional code so that if a patched function ends up being called by an old version then it can just execute the old code.

You still have to make sure that execution of an old version thread, and a new version thread at the same time doesn't break anything though.

Of course coldpatching doesn't have to worry about any of this, so the whole "version" functionality and keeping old code only need apply to the hotpatching, not the coldpatching
Censorship Attempts To Suppress HD-DVD Revolt 1142

fieryprophet writes "An astonishing number of stories related to HD-DVD encryption keys have gone missing in action from, in many cases along with the account of the diggers who submitted them. Diggers are in open revolt against the moderators and are retaliating in clever and inventive ways. At one point, the entire front page comprised only stories that in one way or another were related to the hex number. Digg users quickly pointed to the HD DVD sponsorship of Diggnation, the Digg podcast show. Search digg for HD-DVD song lyrics, coffee mugs, shirts, and more for a small taste of the rebellion." Search Google for a broader picture; at this writing, about 283,000 pages contain the number with hyphens, and just under 10,000 without hyphens. There's a song. Several domain names including variations of the number have been reserved. Update: 05/02 05:44 GMT by J : New blog post from Kevin Rose of Digg to its users: "We hear you."

Submission + - Paraglider survives after soaring to 32,000 feet

mknewman writes: ***You need to add an Aeronautics Topic under Science, Space is not appropriate and there are loads of interesting articles about non-space related flying topics*** — Paraglider survives after soaring to 32,000 feet Woman awakens encased in ice after going higher than Mount Everest A German paraglider was encased in ice and blacked out after being sucked into a tornado-like thunderstorm in Australia and carried to a height greater than Mount Everest. She survived. The 2005 World Cup winner was lifted 32,612 feet (9,940 meters) above sea level by the storm near Manilla in New South Wales state while preparing for the tenth FAI World Paragliding Championships next week. A 42-year-old Chinese paraglider, He Zhongpin, was killed by the same weather system, apparently from a lack of oxygen and extreme cold, the organizers said. His body was found on Thursday 47 miles from his launch site. Wisnerska, whose flight was tracked by her personal GPS and computer, landed 40 miles from her launch site.

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