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Comment Re:Cheaper than wind? (Score 2) 220

Grid kWh costs are on a sliding scale since there is a base cost for the grid connection. If you use just a few kWh a month they will cost hundreds of cents each, easily more than locally generated power plus storage. And if you can't live without those kWh add in the cost for the backup generator.

Bill the grid infrastructure separately, then generation costs can compete on a fair basis at each particular time of the day. Local storage or backup generation is an unrelated issue.

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 46

That would be one way, although false coloring through a full spectrum shift seems not to work as well as limited black body color temperature scales. But the potential at every voxel can be derived from the electron scattering, and the gradient of that potential could give a true color image without any shifting. Don't know if any of the colors would be visible to humans, though.

Comment Re:Does it really matter? (Score 2) 146

That automatic search is irritating to me, does a search whenever i misstype a local address like 192.168.1,1 so i turn it off in firefox. But already I just type google, amazon, mypi3, etc. and firefox adds the http:/// and .com if needed. Maybe not all browsers do that reliably enough to just list your internet address as your company name. And having the .org .net .edu .com suffix go to different sites would be a complication; choosing the priority of those would open a can of worms.

Comment Re:Unfettered capitalism (Score 2) 639

Monarchy, Patriarchy, Tyranny, or any other form of government in which the dictator has absolute power, is not conducive to cronyism. Some individuals or companies can be favored but that is subject to change at any moment if they displease. A benevolent ruler, who is trained from childhood with that expectation, can be the best form of government. But, according to Plato, inevitably leads to oliogarchy (cronyism in spades).

Comment No User Serviceable Parts inside (Score 1, Troll) 224

It says so in the User Manual. You void the warranty if you open it. And non-approved repairs leave you liable for any subsequent damages to persons or property from fire, explosion, radiation, hearing or vision loss, or children swallowing small parts. And probably looking inside is a criminal violation of the terms of service.

Comment Re:Thanks For Nothing (Score 1) 147

True as far as the initial mining goes. But gold embodies the energy used to create it, after that it takes little energy to use it as a secure currency. "Counterfeit" gold would require use of present energy and cost as much as or more than the real thing.

Whereas bitcoins embody no energy and to prevent counterfeiting *require* a increasing use of present energy in the form of ever more difficult blockchain mining. As more energy is needed the old bitcoins lose relative value; if verification could somehow be done with less energy then counterfeiting would be cheaper than mining.

Either way, the whole scheme has to collapse after a massive waste of energy.

Comment Re: FBI not in trouble? (Score 1) 105

Posession of CP is arguably a victimless crime, particularly if it is a cartoon drawing of a kid face on a naked adult body, and it currently has no mandatory federal minimum sentence. But distributing such pictures has a 5 year minimum, possibly because it encourages degeneracy in others (not that i am privy to the actual reasoning behind the law). People do grow out of their hormonal episodes of insanity, often with no lasting harm.

But it seems to me, what's sauce for the silly goose should be sauce for the federal ganders.

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