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Comment Re:Tape Culture Fallacy (Score 1) 284

Agreed, restore check is essential, whatever the backup method, and my employer offers that as a managed service. But it's also hard to convince a non-technical, small business client to invest in best practice, unless they've already experienced a disaster first hand...

Comment Tape Culture Fallacy (Score 5, Insightful) 284

I'm a fan of tape backup when managed responsibly, but there's a fallacy that goes with recommending tape for backups: because you can train semitechnical users to dutifully change tapes and carry them offsite (e.g. on a bank run to a safe deposit box), tape gets recommended for businesses who don't have dedicated IT. But the duty of of maintaining the backup gets delegated from the original trained user, and changing the tapes becomes the whole of the backup maintenance: no one actually verifies that the backup job is running properly. I've been on calls to clients who've diligently changes their tapes nightly, but the backup software has been crashed for months...

Comment FTP (Score 1) 635

The first contact with the Internet that I ever had was command line FTP, and not a month goes by without having to resort to it again, usually because of firewall/browser incompatibility at a client's office (a lot of HP driver downloads are still over FTP)...

Submission + - RIP WUArchive (

daive writes: The first contact that I had with the Internet was in early 1995, over a (nc)ftp connection from a university computer lab to Through the 90s the site remained a staple resource for me as a mirror for Linux distros. In the years since I'd still log in occasionally as a means to troubleshoot network connectivity. I tried to log in today, and it was gone.

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