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Submission + - Feedly/Evernote DDos'd

dainichi writes: Yesterday, Feedly and Evernote services were down for most of the day as their ops struggled to deal with a DDOS extortion attempt.
Today, it seems like they're back for round two.


Comment Re:39" display for workstations? (Score 1) 520

You mention plywood on sawhorses....
Last job, my desk WAS a pair of sawhorses and a door.
Ok, so it was the IKEA equivalent, but still, I actually really liked it.
I have really long legs, and the lack of a back on my desk meant that I could stretch my legs out and be comfortable while I was within comfortable arms reach of my keyboard and mouse.

Comment Re:So then... (Score 1) 260

Polarized glasses? You're a moron. FILTER glasses!
The polarized glasses would only work if they could guarantee the pilots would not tilt their heads AND if they could guarantee the polarization of the lasers *AND*--this is the most important bit-- if they could somehow guarantee the orientation of the laser.
Back to remedial physics with you!

If you want to protect the pilots, instead give them glasses that filter out INFRARED, Green and Red lasers. And it has to be a relatively sufficient wideband filter because the lasers vary due to MFG tolerances. Infrared also because http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laser_pointer#Infrared_hazards_of_DPSS_laser_pointers
EXCEPT THEY CAN'T! Modern aircraft use LEDs for indicators and the colors would almost certainly be filtered out by the glasses.

The only hope is LCD shutter glasses triggered by a detector of some form.

Submission + - Help me and my friends to understand the implicati

dainichi writes: "People are asking me about SOPA. While they and I understand that it's a Really Bad Idea. *I* don't understand it well enough myself to help them understand it to such a degree that *they* could write a letter to their congressperson or share their concerns with their friends. How do I explain this in laymens terms (or muggle terms, if you are of that sort)?"

Comment Re:Upgrades. (Score 1) 212

(You know you've made a bad decision when it results in being sued by the US government! OK, well, *I* would know it--not so sure about the flaming fucktards running Sony right now...)

Nah, they wouldn't know a Bad Idea(TM) If it came up to them, married their only daughter and left a flaming pile of s**t on their desk.

Comment It depends on your definition of "language" (Score 1) 674

At this point I'm working on a project that is requiring c++ and Java, and being an American, my native tongue is English. So, with that in mind, I am speaking 3 languages on a daily basis. On the other hand, I am fairly fluent in C, C++, Java, 8PIC Assembler, Motorola 68K Assembler, Verilog, PHP, Perl, and probably a few more that I can't remember off the top of my head.

Comment Re:Let the rationalizations begin (Score 1) 1115

I have no issue with copyrights and I agree that 12 to 24 years is probably a good range. I thought the original poster was attacking resale and my response was geared that way. Artists should get paid for each original copy they sell.

There's the kicker. I fully agree that artists, for whatever definition is popular today, should be compensated for their work, but only on the original copies. You or I could make the next "better mousetrap" and start selling them, but do you expect to get paid multiple times for each mousetrap you make? NO! SO why is it that these "artists" think they can?

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