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Comment Re:Here's the problem (Score 1) 68

Perhaps these are the cost to post to tier 1 journals. But in my experience it came down to finding the people who really were invested and excited in the research. (And professors who were excited about mentoring ) And the institutions that had the leadership that could see the benefits of, and be willing to employ programmers to create the simulations and programs, not costly infrastructure, then amazing studies and wonderful papers were produced for next to nothing.

Comment My point exactly (Score 1) 372

After working for 13 years creating course and resources for higher educations, this is what professors and instructors are coming to, and they are themselves partially to blame as well. First, it is the struggle to let them know that there is value in online and computerized education. Mainly doing what the professor can't or doesn't have the time to do. Example, the social sciences have lost all funding for real lab experiments. These are easily reproduced virtually where student can "play" with the outcomes over and over and over again. Second. The university and college administration panics and just throws money at a problem they don't even understand. Lets get WebCT, Blackboard, any CMS will do that will fix it!! Even the open source Moddle and Canvas are not the solution. As the professor in the article says, its only good for putting the syllabus online. What they aren't getting is the that with the loss of a "real" lecturer in front of the class every day you need to hand craft the course so you keep what the instructor does best. Years of experience in teaching can be captured and served to student but not by canned text lectures, and multiple choice exams. Hand crafting(programming) virtual labs, game and simulation, videos with branching into subsets and details, links to other lectures, texts and classes that give different prospective. Until admins and professors are educated themselves and running universities like a business is recognized as the fallacy that is, there is little hope that real online education will develop beyond the cave drawings that we have now.

Comment Re:How about academic publishers die? (Score 1) 46

Absolutely, I don't even mind letting the professors make money on the book, or the departments, colleges and universities. The mark up the publishers make on each and every books is so So SO great that even with a little money going to the academic source, would still mean great savings to students.

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