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Comment Re:Who buys DVDs anymore? They're not even HD (Score 5, Insightful) 316

I buy DVD's and BlueRays. I like to own the "Right to Use" the content. I like not to have to rely on a given provider to have a contract to to stream content in order to be able to watch to something. I will watch some shows and movies multiple times. So for a certain core set up media I want to own the media. All that crufty back catalogue of movies and shows that is no longer available on streaming services, mine to see at any time of my choosing. I even ( GASP ) buy actual books from time to time, it seems as though there is SOME content not yet kindlified, that may in fact never be on those platforms. The streaming / sharing / caring economy will eventually strip you of any remaining un-curated choice in what you read, watch, or listen to. Seems as though there is some music not published the day before yesterday thats worth listening to. So yes I own many hundreds of CD's as well.

Comment Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 80

This is the online equivalent of driving a patrol car around watching for people that need to be spoken to. People driving weaving back and forth in a lane are exercising their rights. When stopped, they are sometime found to be DUI. People often post things on Facebook that are the equivalent of "Lets go do some crimes". Post publicly ... walk down the street ... uh what exactly is the difference?

Comment Re:The way I would've worded the same poll (Score 0) 375

I think this is called a straw man. You are a wounded victim because we all call you a racists for disagreeing with the President. When in fact it's most just calling you a putz for disagreeing with things that make sense. No one calls dissent racist, but we do some times call racists racists. You are the one conflating them.

Comment Hi Shira Ovide, we'd like to stalk you now* (Score 1) 319

Whats your age? Your Birthday? Martital Status? Names of any children you might have .... You sort of live in the public's eye, but not really. I know you are a work in tech, but try to pretend to have some empathy for a moment. * Purely a rhetorical device, no one wants to stalk you.

Comment Re:Stick a fork in.... (Score 2) 612

Please read Saint Regan's testimony about Iran-Contra ... you may find a few I don't recalls there. There were BTW some rather public statements about personal mails being redacted from the trove. I'm sure Scooter Libby could recount some episodes of obfuscation and information mis management. Are we under the impression that Next President Clinton is the only politician to mis handle information? If that is really the best scandal you can come up with... well its just does not rise any where near the appropriate level. If the voters will return Boy George to White House after falsifying intelligence and sending the US to an unnecessary and permanent war.... wellI I don't think an email server is going to cut the controversy mustard.

Comment All hackers are ethical, ALL COPS corrupt ALWAYS. (Score -1, Flamebait) 393

The next time you need help make sure sure you call a hacker, they are always virtuous. Remember every police office is some low IQ sadist, yes yes they are. 123 police killed in the line of duty in 2015,( thats ok they all had it coming. Of course every one of the 985 ( people killed by the police were angels on mercy missions, shot down deliberately by the blue minions from hell. Lets see 11.2 million arrests in 2014 So that's a failure leading to death of the arrestee of .00879% of the time, not getting hysterical over a tiny failure rate nope. Where is the frantic indignation for the 16,000 homicides we don't care about them as they were killed by their fellow victims of police brutality? Or the 38,300 traffic fatalities? (, we don't care about them because they must have all been killed by accidents caused by police chasing peace loving missionaries? I wonder why I have never been shot? Could it be that I follow directions, and lawful orders of the police?

Comment Re:Digitial Economy (Score 2) 102

Oh yes that war is coming. There is no good way to predict what the world will look like after the 30 or so years it will take to fight and rebuild after it. The last World War ended the then current "world order". Part one 1914 - 18 finally ended the European monarchies. Part two seems to have shifted the political focus to a three way balancing act US, Europe, USSR. But did finally answer the question of "What is Germany's place on the European stage". That wave is finally attenuating. By the time the debris stops falling from the next World War we may very well be back to manufacturing jobs performed by humans. The "inexorable progress of history" you envision has had a few episodes of some pretty profound back slides. Its possible that the pinnacle of tech in a 100 years is the blacksmith that is able to forge engine block mined from the wreckage of the vanished cities

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