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Comment Sounds like an Adobe plant (Score 0, Troll) 205

This is crazy - the only good reason I can think of that the W3C would say to wait is if Adobe paid somebody off to say that. There's a NEED immediately for cross-platform media that HTML5 provides today. The only other solution to this immediate need is to use Adobe Flash, and it's already a complete fail in the mobile space (including Android, which is absolutely horrible at running Flash content that's not specifically designed for use on mobile devices). They need to accelerate the finalization of the media aspects of HTML5 immediately, and call everything else HTML5.1 or HTML6, then let THAT come out in 3 years. To wait until 3 MORE iPad and iPhone hardware releases have been shipped, not to mention who knows how many Android devices, not to mention Windows Phone 7 (well, ok, we can probably safely not mention Windows Phone 7 since it has Silverlight as its focus) there's just not 3 years to wait, guys.

Comment Use Amazon Payments instead (Score 1) 775

If for no other reason than to stimulate competition in this area, everyone should start using Amazon Payments whenever possible. PayPal has been forging their own rules for years. I once had someone do an "instant transfer" from my account for $500 to an online casino that I didn't authorize. PayPal said the account wasn't hacked but couldn't explain how the transfer was completed. Fortunately I caught it before it cleared my bank account and had the bank do a stop payment on the transfer. This got ME black-listed at PayPal for several months even though they had been contacted by me, my bank, AND the casino saying that the transaction was never authorized! If I hadn't managed to stop them I'm sure they would have held that money for months. This kind of behavior simply has to stop. Hopefully once Amazon Payments becomes more widely used, PayPal will stop acting like they answer to nobody and realize that they need to make improvements not just make money. As far as I know, Google Checkout doesn't allow transfer of funds for any reason, only for the sale of some product or service. PayPal and Amazon Payments let you send money for any reason at all.

Comment Competition drives creativity (Score 3, Informative) 668

This is great news for both Apple and Android users. This is just the sort of news Apple needs to hear to make them tired of their single-carrier approach in the US. As with many AT&T users, their lack of supporting tethering on the iPhone and the inconsistent network coverage (although when it does work their 3G is MUCH faster than Verizon's) has made me long for another carrier to be available to iPhone users who don't want to jailbreak their iPhones. However we shouldn't forget that there are two MAJOR problems with Verizon on all their phones that make me not want to switch to Verizon even if they did have the iPhone: 1. Verizon's 3G network is NOT capable of voice and data at the same time. Once you're on the phone, all data connections are closed until you hang up. Not so great when you're trying to use maps and someone calls you, or while on the phone you try to find a nearby restaurant to meet the caller. As Verizon callers know, "I'll have to check that and call you back" is not an uncommon thing to say. In an age of Bluetooth headsets being the norm, we should be able to use our phone's data channel while we're on the phone. Verizon's 3G network is very 2G in this instance (and LTE, Verizon's 4G network will fix this but launch is not until mid-2011 at least) 2. Verizon only gives their 3G data users 5GB of use before they start levying HUGE overage charges ( I personally have no intention of going over 5GB but I also don't want to WORRY about a limit at all. Again, very backward thinking by Verizon here, reminiscent of Compuserve and AOL charging hourly for Internet access back in the 1980s. Charge a fair price for unlimited data (I think $30 is fair but let the market decide) and then you'll have a shot at my business. In short, I'd love to see Verizon get the iPhone but not in an exclusive deal, not with 5GB data caps, and not unless they can support data and voice at the same time on their 3G network (which has excellent coverage).

Comment Air Conditioning Options (Score 1) 378

This is getting closer to my price range, but it doesn't appear to have any kind of cooling system, at least they've been mum on the subject so I assume that's the case. As I live in Texas, that's a pretty big deal... Tesla: Here's an idea... Given that there's space under the hood that's not being used, install some Vortex Tubes ( in the front of the car and funnel the cooled air into the cab for A/C. It would only work while you were moving fast enough to generate the compressed air, but it would be better than nothing.

Comment My predictions (Score 1) 291

None of this is substantiated but I'm still thinking it's going to be DEAD ON. If I'm wrong this is still the device they SHOULD make :)

  • It will be called the "iTouch"
  • Full OSX 10.6 support
  • Screen will approximately 5.25"x8.5", basically the size of a 8.5x11" paper folded in half).
  • Resolution will be either 960x1600 if they go with the new 180dpi screens or 840x1400 if they stick with the iPhone's ~160dpi
  • No physical keyboard, just Bluetooth mouse/kb support. Device will possibly have a "photo frame" style fold-out back for propping it up when in use with a Bluetooth keyboard.
  • Multi-touch up to 5 points similar to iPhone. Virtual keyboard will allow shift/alt combinations, etc.
  • Stylus support for signatures (optional and external to the device)
  • 3G Unlocked SIM slot for data (along with 802.11b/g/n)
  • GPS w/WAAS or EGNOS (for increased accuracy) built in
  • Non-removable battery similar to the design direction with the iPhone 3G and MBP 17" Unibody.

Comment Re:Just what the world needs... (Score 1) 232

You need an iPod and Audible. The unabridged books are fantastic. I use them for long drives but if I had vision problems it would make reading much more enjoyable. They even have monthly "listener" plans that you subscribe to and can then pick a set number of titles you can buy each month for no additional charge.

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