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Comment Re:Equivalent of peeking without killing it ?! (Score 1) 210

The point in time in which the universe decides whether the cat died or not is when we test it, not before. If we never test the cat, it is neither alive nor dead.

Uhm.. No? The point in time the cat died is exactly that point in time, whenever we test it? If we never test the cat, it's *either* alive or dead..

Comment Many small things (Score 1) 879

I use XP at home and Win7 at work. I guess many of the things which annoy me in Win7 is possible to fix, but I try to use Win7 and hopefully in the future figure out why it is better, even though I don't see it now. Here are some of the things I don't like with 7 anyway:
- Where is the good old quick launch for the small utils I use all the time?
- When clicking on an app in the menu bar I normally want to open a new instance of it, not hide/show the existing instance.
- When right clicking on an icon in the menu field for an open app the menu window opens far from the mouse cursor (not a few pixels like in XP). In XP I -really- don't need to aim at all for right click -> close app selection.
- When clicking on the calculator button on my keyboard the Win7 brings the open calculator to the front instead of opening a new instance.
- XP feels snappier / faster.
- I like the XP explorer / file manager much more than the one in Win7.

So, what's keeping me on XP? The user experience. I guess Win7 is much more powerful "under the hood" and everything, but so far I haven't experienced anything making me think "Oh, that's good.. Too bad it's not available in XP".

Comment C++ visual studio (Score 1) 1880

I like visual studio with visual assist x as my development platform for C++. I'm also using Eclipse CDT on my Ubuntu box, but I occationally have problems with debugging remote hardware and experience small bugs here and there. Maybe it's stuff hardcore linux ppl easily fix, but for me it's easier to go with windows. I would love to switch though, so do you have any suggestions about what to use for C++ development in Linux?

Comment Re:Cold fusion (Score 3, Insightful) 359

Sure, but who wants to buy a car that only gets 100 miles, then needs to be recharged every 50 miles?

I do! My work is located ~15miles from my home and I could charge the car (for free!) all day while I'm working. A car which could go ~100 miles would cover almost all my personal transportation needs (not only to and from work), and if I would need to go longer I could rent or borrow another car (or take a bus / cab).

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