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Comment Re:My Opinion (Score 2) 555

Bash, ZSH, Busybox, Apache, sendmail, exim, postfix...

All of which can be replaced by other applications (in fact, many are replacements for each other, which is exactly the original point).

That's the issue with systemd. Once you make it a dependency then you have it and all it's attendent subsystems and you can't replace any of the parts with something else.

Comment Re:Why Care (Score 3, Informative) 199

We gave them feedback in October, and they ignored it.

When the beta was re-revealed in January they hadn't even touched the biggest issue, that the comment system was fundamentally broken (not "it's got bugs" broken, but "the design is completely wrong" broken).

Consequently there was lots of gnashing of teeth that they _still_ didn't understand that this was the core feature, and everyone that had been paying attention gave up on any hope that they would address it.

Comment Re:And that's exactly what I asked for. (Score 1) 2219

We don't want you to implement every suggetion. We want you to not break what we have now. The new site is substantially functionally inferior to the current one - particular with regard to the comment system, which as just about everyone has pointed out to you, is the only thing that matters.

Comment Re:GPL and BSD give uses the same freedoms (Score 1) 1098

So don't be a freeloader on someone elses work and write your own iostream, or use one of the many (including gcc's btw) that do allow you to link without such restriction. But don't think you can take someone's code for nothing, who explicitly said that it's okay to use only freely if you make your code okay to use freely also. Why do you think you have some right to use their work for nothing?

Comment Re:It's about tactics: GPL helps free software (Score 1) 1098

You can use LGPL just as well as BSD for your purposes. You'd only have to contribute back if you modify the LGPL component itself.

As for GPL, correct, you can't use it (if you're talking about linking a GPL library with your own code for instance). But that is the entire point. The code author, that chose GPL for their licence, doesn't want to you to use their code in your proprietary product. As the author of the code that's their choice.

Comment No way (Score 1) 1191

Just in case someone that matters is actually reading these comments, let me add my voice.

I've been reading this site for at least 13 years and as others have said, it's not the stories, it's the comments and community that make it worthwhile. This change will absolutely kill that. I'm pretty sure that if you make this change, I'll move on.

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