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Comment Re:I guess the trick is you have to ask? (Score 1) 308

I'm fairly certain I have no involvement with LanMan04, but I can't see any reason I would not want my children to turn out like him. Perhaps you know LanMan04 personally and could enlighten the rest of the class as to what he has done to be so despicable?
Perhaps, you were speaking of the infinitive "you." If that is the case, what have I or anyone else here done do deserve such a libelous declaration.

(Yes I see the smiley face. What a wonderful way to make an aggressive allegation and passively deny any ill intent. I've followed many of your posts, Mr. Coward and can say for certain that you are nothing more than a bi-polar, passive-aggressive, manic-depressive, schizophrenic, trans-gendered, homophobic, atheo/religous zealot. :D [my smiley is bigger])

Comment Re:it doesn't make any sense because (Score 1) 473

but finding software is still easier for Windows users if it isn't in your repo's

Having used nothing but Linux outside of the office for the last 6 years, I was wondering just the other day how Windows users find software. Honestly, I was digging through the mountains of software available in YaST trying to decide what I was going to install and check out for the day when the thought came to me. I'll be the first to admit that not all Linux software is what I would consider functional, let alone useful, but when I need a program for pretty much any task, I can usually find it quite quickly. If it's not in the official repo's than it is likely in PackMan. (OpenSuSE user)

It actually seems quite quaint to go to a store and interact with a person to receive software.

Comment Sig reply (Score 1) 127

One's right to life, liberty, property, speech, press, freedom of worship and assembly may not be submitted to vote

Are you certain about this? Perhaps we should have a poll about this.

-- It may be flamebait, but it's funny.

Comment Re:Inflation at the speed of Moore's Law (Score 2, Interesting) 491

Forgive me if this comes across as sarcastic

If faster computers cause the system to become more complex, thus slowing generation, then wouldn't the older computers become less desirable despite not physically having changed? Mathematically, how would this work out if I created the next "Big Blue", then after joining the network, suddenly I am the only one capable of generating a coin as the bar is raised higher than the peers are capable of reaching??

Comment Re:The final AIDS solution (Score 1) 120

I'm not aware of any usable statistics regarding careless sex, my experiences are purely anecdotal amongst associates who are sexually active. To me it would appear nearly 1.5% of average people will continue to be sexually active after they have been diagnosed and before being treated. For a certain group who call themselves 'Jugalos' it would seem nearly 87% just don't care. All of this is strictly on background, so I cannot prove any of it to you. If you are aware of any peer reviewed studies on this subject, please let me know as I would be most interested.

Comment Re:The final AIDS solution (Score 1) 120

My uncle contracted HIV in the mid 80's from a blood transfusion. He was dyeing of AIDS in the early 90's. It's downright scary to me that you consider it "moderately hard to pass from one person to another." His fear was that if he were involved in an accident, his blood could infect another person in the act of trying to save HIS life.

As far as your rant as to the personal thoughts and actions of a person whom you never knew about until quite recently, perhaps such descriptions as psychopathic and narcissist are a self reflection. In case I had not expressed it clearly in the OP, his reasoning as he stated to me was that had the virus been pruned before he would have never received it. Were it to have been pruned then, there were millions more good people who would never need to experience it.

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