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Comment Hardware is good but ... (Score 0) 80

most of these me-too boards lack proper support on the software. Most if not all support only the old linux kernel 3.x. The later kernel 4 which the RPi supports gives better security and functionalities. You can't even run docker on most of these me-too hardware no matter how good they are over the RPi. Ok, not everyone want docker, but security itself is already a big question mark. Of course you can always compile your own kernel and make it up-to-date but building your own kernel is not for everyone, and definitely not for most of the Chinese manufacturers that use these boards to power their own devices.

Comment It will be a multiple Gbps broadband (Score 2) 292

Sir, we are glad to let you know from today on, the 10Mbps switch currently installed in your area which is also happily serving the other 20k people in your neighbourhood is finally connected to this amazing multi-Gbps broadband line your Government generously offered to eliminate digital divide. Enjoy your super high speed internet access!

Comment I hate wires (Score 1) 214

They just keep getting in my way, and I can't put my phone farther away than the length of the wire which is often too short. I wanted to switched to Bluetooth but the problem with most BT headset is they are big and heavy and make me feeling uncomfortable with it on my head for too long. As for the BT earphones, most of them if not all have wires and yes, it breaks when you try to fish it out by holding at one of the earpiece. So, yes, I welcome the AirPods and similar earphones as long as they can last at least a day of continuous use.

Comment Much more fun than before (Score 1) 449

I grew up with the Apple II, hacked its ROM and made my own, hacked a CASIO thermal transfer printer and made it work as a printer to the Apple II and printed my University thesis with it using Wordstar. I love computing but I hate doing things that I believe the software, system, SDK, API, etc. shall do it for me automatically because I want to focus on the core, creativity part but not spending hours and days trying to get a damn button on the screen that says hello world. Thanks to the industry, one can now get a cool, breathing 3D button and view through the VR headset in less than a minute, and slightly little more work to show your own fingers so that you can actually click on the button, which is soooo cool.

I love the Internet, the first time I was told about ransomware, and I thought, Awesome! You can actually make money out of it? But then it was just a few lines of python script and I've quickly got bored. The vulnerabilities are headaches but they saved me a few times in the past when I forgot the password to a certain web sites and there was no way to retrieve it, it's really useful sometimes to be able to gain some free admin level access. The cloud is a great tool, now I can have access to big NNs where I can develop intelligent algorithms for various applications and uses, quickly and affordably, together with micro services and containers, lots of cool things can be done.

The thing is, one just need to look around and it is not difficult to discover something new and fun to work with, and many times, inspiring and awesome. I am glad that the industry has grown so much and into such wide diversity. //Ed

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