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Comment Re:Umm no.... (Score 1) 345

Im sorry but your post is full of misinformation. First of all why do you choose speed as a measuring stick for performance. Modern aircraft engines are much more advanced than something from 1965 they are just optimized for fuel economy. If you want speed tho, Concorde existed. The same is true for automobiles. A modern engine is leaps and bounds more efficient than an engine from 1965.

Comment Re:Why isn't it the trucks fault (Score 1) 379

Or maybe the truck driver figured the person driving the car was a rational human being that would decelerate instead of slamming into his truck full force. There was one person in this scenario that was NOT paying attention and instead left his life in the hands of a Beta system that didnt even slow down. Hint hint, its not the truck driver.

Comment Why is it troubling? (Score 5, Insightful) 499

I fail to see how this is a troubling trend if its not based on any external force. Maybe men just studied harder and learned whatever skillset they needed better. Hell the only "troubling trend" is that women with subpar skills were hired more often when people knew they were women.

Comment long live the NRA! (Score 1) 565

They might do some dumb shit sometimes, but im glad there is someone lobbying for one of MY interests for a change. None of my other hobbies have any lobbies in their favor. Im not a multinational corporation that wants to frack. Im just a simple law abiding person that likes firearms. Yet i have a powerful force in the NRA that makes sure MY interest is not infringed upon.

Comment Re:frist post (Score 1) 569

Yes but only the military uses select fire rifles. A select fire m16 is 2000+ dollars. Just about no one owns "assault rifles" so they are moot to bring up. Why would magazine size have anything to do with anything, thats not even dependant on rifle. Would you consider this a hunting or "assault rifle"

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