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Comment Rant Less, Read More (Score 1) 162

The allegation isn't that VMware uses the Linux kernel, or that "VMware is linux" or whatever straw man you're attacking ... the allegation is specific to SCSI subsystem code that Hellwig wrote for the Linux kernel. There's been reasonably credible evidence they did use that specific code (which is from the main kernel tree, not a driver). No one is claiming that VMware "stole" Linux as a whole and is using it.

Comment Re:Didn't Sony just lose a lawsuit over this? (Score 1) 141

I think in Sony's case, they lost because they had explicitly marketed the Playstation 3 as supporting Linux - then took away the capability. The way law works, I doubt the Sony case establishes any usable precedent for when a company starts OUT being a dick, as opposed to later deciding to become one.

Comment Java was SUCH a failed attempt to extinguish by MS (Score 1) 57

I embrace what you're saying - but to extend the thought - it's interesting that Java as a desktop application language has been resurrected, as long as you squint just right and allow yourself to recognize that mobile devices are the new desktop, and Android has the large majority share there. So, almost all of the apps on the most prevalent OS in the world, by many counts, are based on Java. I would call that a failed attempt to extinguish, even leaving aside Java's prevalence on the server side.

Comment Re:You really want cheap? (Score 1) 207

Montgomery County MD sells their 4 - 5 yr old desktops 3x/year. Next sale coming at Gaithersburg HS on 12/12 (show up early, maybe 8:40 - 8:50am - they're first-come first-serve, and they do run out). They're not screamers (my last one bought was an Optiplex 380 mid-size case, 4GB RAM, 120GB hard drive, mid-range Core 2 Duo), but for general desktop/browsing/etc. they're fine. $70 with 19" LCD with speakers, keyboard and mouse. No wifi, need a fob. For more info.

Comment Disks from same factory run often go bad together (Score 2) 258

Yeah, and what are you going to do with 9 out of 10 of the disks all go bad, because they came from the same factory run and exhibit the same issue? This is what we usually experience, when a disk fails, most of the time it's a subcomponent issue shared by all of the disks from that and any concurrent factory runs - and we have to swap them ALL out. I guess you just throw the whole array out ... :-(

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