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Comment Re:WoW is still better (Score 1) 119

eq1 was my first mmo and what got me hooked. I started when kunark came out and got out when they released GoD. Good times, but man, I don't miss 8 hour corpse runs in TOV cuz the only guild necro was MIA. I hear they got some kind of fancy corpse summoner npc now though!

Comment Be good. (Score 1) 987

Ask for money if they pirated it. I have downloaded several ebooks because I wasn't sure if the book was worth paying. If by halfway through the book, I realize it is worth the money and not junk, I'll go to the author's site and pay for it. I'm sure this is not the norm, but I'm sure a lot of good-hearted people do the same. Just a thought - some money is better than no money!

Comment I'll cut you... (Score 1) 1127

...were the words that caught my attention while deploying an app I wrote for the telemarketing dept. Apparently someone snaked another guy's prospect. A blade was brandished but the security guard broke it up before someone actually got stabbed. First clue to be careful should have been the armed security guard, right?

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