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Comment Your overthinking it! (Score 1) 339

Pen and paper and a small notebook i keep in a locked drawer - the notebook has Password log written on the cover and contains all my passwords to every website/computer/device i own, i have never met a hacker who can hack my desk drawer over the interweb and i don't think i'll ever meet one. With this marvellously low-tech solution i never forget a password, can use passwords of near infinite complexity and can change my passwords as often as i like. The main argument against is that if anyone was to get physical access to my desk drawer they would get all my passwords, i guess that is a clear drawback but if they had such physical access they could just take the computer/hard-drive anyway and also if they did i have the advantage of knowing that my passwords had been compromised by virtue to a broken desk drawer, and a large part of the risk is not knowing your account is compromised isn't it?

Comment Re:Our own backyard? (Score 1) 167

Unless they know something they ain't telling us? Strange perhaps but; all in all i can see their point, the moon has remained fairly static whilst the earth has undergone some fairly radical upheaval, also the moon would make an excellent base and observation post for alien anthropologists and biologists.

Comment Propaganda (Score 5, Insightful) 281

all i needed to see was "An anonymous reader writes:" and the-diplomat.com, this is blatant propaganda -100 score It has no newsworthy merit is inaccurate in many ways as has already been pointed out by others (centrifuge's causing meltdown???) i know america is pissed about getting caught red handed with this, and also about the missile shield debacle http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/11/24/us-russia-medvedev-missiledefence-idUSTRE7AN1NE20111124 that's currently ongoing but how is aggravating Russia going to help in either matter?

Comment Re:CS != Programming != IT (Score 1) 315

I think in the context the OP is meaning Computer Science in the broader meaning, in either case I'd tell them to study something else, graduate employability for IT related degree's is terrible, they (the teaching profession/minister for education etc..) are always hammering on about the need for more computing students and how we are lagging behind (in the UK at least) but it's a complete falsehood (that's politician for lie), according to the BCS (British Computer Society) since 2000 IT related degree's have exceeded all other discipline's in terms of numbers of graduates, this means that the IT related degree is the 'default degree' (formerly it was Business Studies), as almost half of all degree's (ok.. 44%) are now IT related (as of 2010) So the IT related studies degree has become the replacement of a ordinary or common garden business degree, why does that matter?... well it hasn't worked well for most graduates as 22, 000 graduate positions available and 260k graduates per year (the average from 2000-2010) is not a good employment rate in fact only media studies and the "Arts and humanities" fare worst for employment. It's rather amusing to see that the default common garden business degree it replaces fares extremely well now and has over 90% employability for graduates. so my advice to them - study something else.. anything else really :D

Comment re: (Score 1) 684

After getting hooked on palm eReader on my old palm device, once that became obsolete I looked around at alternatives, long story short I now use FBReader on my laptop it's open source and supports the open .epub ebook format and pretty much all others, if i can't find a ebook in the format it supports there are many tools around for converting to .epub or another supported format link - http://www.fbreader.org/

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