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Journal Journal: Plea For Help, Doing OK

Well, I think I'm over the hardest part of learning the Mac. I've passed the couple days where I feel frustrated as I try to do every single task, and I have to ask myself how to do each and everything!
I took a little time in the System Prefs, not to customize too much, but more to just get a feel for the system. I also learned that Option+Click is roughly equivalent to a right-click on PC. And learned that programs don't close when you hit the red X, but Mac+Q will make them quit.
Overall, I can see some of the idea behind some of the design choices, and I see why many consider it simpler to use/learn. But, in my opinion, all interfaces are learned (except maybe the nipple), so it's just a learning curve to evercome.
Now, I get to learn some specialized graphic arts software, and this time I don't know anyone who already knows how to use it!
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Journal Journal: Plea for Help!

Just got put into my new, bigger office at work. Since I am now handling the jobs of what will eventually be two people, in two seperate departments, I ended up with two desks, and two computers. But, one of them is a Mac.

I've used PC's from day two. (Day one was a Commodore 128!) I've seen Macs, but never touched one, although I kept telling myself I should probably learn to use one some day.

My boss has only used Macs for 20 something years, and he and technology don't really get along that well.

So, now, in addition to having to teach him how to use a PC (since it was his Mac I got), I have to learn to use a Mac at the same time.

So, I'm asking for help. Any advice, or references, you can give me so that I can get oriented and figure things out would be great. (That whole one mouse button thing throws me, and I can't find programs I install.) Basically a Mac for Windows Users type reference, to tell me what to look for to do tasks I already know how to do on PC.

Quick answers:

1) No, I can't just use a PC, or even Linux. The job involves manipulating Adobe Illustrator files, and the destination uses Macs, and PC Illustrator files aren't always compatible.

2) It's OS X, on a Dual G4. That's about all I know.



Journal Journal: Submitted Story Idea

CyberSource is offering what they dub the Cybersource Safe Internet Computer. Appears to be running a Linux OS, has no permament storage (use USB flash drive if you want to keep anything around), and wipes back to out-of-the-box state upon reboot. Idea is to avoid virii, worms, adware, keyloggers, etc. Might be interesting for relatives you provide "tech support" for. Screenshots include GIMP, OpenOffice, Firefox, and others.
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Journal Journal: Weblog from Baghdad 1

Just read an interesting article on Yahoo news!

Apparently there is an anonymous Iraqi living in Baghdad who maintains a Weblog. I had considered submitting this to /. as a story, but if you read the last few days' entries, he has already attracted enough traffic to crash the servers hosting the sight, and cause the blog provider some trouble as well. So I decided a front page /. article might be way more traffic than they could handle, and could possibly push his provider's buttons the wrong way.

But, it is interesting to read, so I decided to use my pristine unused journal for this purpose. After all, it wasn't doing any good just sitting there. Of course, I only have one fan so this will probably never get read, but that is fine, I made the info available, and did my part not to swamp his site. Which means someone else will post it, and it'll be swamped in a matter of hours I'm sure. :P

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