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Submission + - Tracking the Web Trackers (

itwbennett writes: "Do you know what data the 1300+ tracking companies have on you? Privacy blogger Dan Tynan didn't until he had had enough of being stalked by grandpa-friendly Jitterbug phone ads. Tracking company BlueKai and its partners had compiled 471 separate pieces of data on him. Some surprisingly accurate, some not (hence the Jitterbug ad). But what's worse is that opting out of tracking is surprisingly hard. On the Network Advertising Initiative Opt Out Page you can ask the 98 member companies listed there to stop tracking you and on Evidon's Global Opt Out page you can give some 200 more the boot — but that's only about 300 companies out of 1300. And even if they all comply with your opt-out request, it doesn't mean that they'll stop collecting data on you, only that they'll stop serving you targeted ads."

Comment Twice the cores (Score 1) 276

Given that the S4 has twice the cores of the iPhone5, this seems reasonable, if not a bit disappointing. I'd be curious to see some real-world benchmarks to see how actual apps fare, as they typically won't be making use of all 4 cores. For instance, while the S3 international flavor scores higher than the iPhone5 on this chart, there were many real world tests that the iPhone5 easily won.

I'll be anxious to see real world tests and see how well the S4 is making use of all of the available cores.

Comment (Score 1) 287

*) No quick way to select feed - I seldom read all but choose one at a time.

There's actually a feed button on the left that will expose all of your feeds and let you read a single feed. If your browser is wide enough that will be always exposed. I read my feeds in the same way.

Comment (Score 2) 287

A buddy of mine wrote a Google Reader replacement back when they started making Google+ changes to it. I don't if its the best, I haven't checked out the others, but it meets my needs and I use it daily. It has some social features so you can share and comment on posts with your friends as well. (The name is a reference to when you have too many feeds and not enough time to read them - the old Reader counter would simply say "1000+" once you hit 1k unread posts)

Comment The answer is obvious (Score 3, Funny) 428

Going after services like Dropbox, iCould, and S3 is clearly the correct approach. Shutter every one of them, once and for all! Storage is not a [pick your god or lack thereof] given right. You know who stores things? Terrorists. Have you ever been in The Container Store? It reeks of death and conspiracy.

Comment Re:Does the average user even notice? (Score 1) 105

Well, it's hard to define "average user", but I will say that at work we have several popular, commercial web apps that we use for various internal things (bug tracking, timesheets, etc.) that are staggeringly faster on Chrome 9 and especially 10 than on FF3 or Safari 4 or IE < 9 (I can't speak for 9). So much so that it's immediately obvious to your average non-technical person that has to interact with these apps. So much so that these average non-technical people are jumping ship to Chrome after trying it out just once because they're so impressed with how much faster things are.

Not that the features and plugins you're talking about aren't super nice to have, but to answer your question: from my experience, yes, the average user notices.

Comment How do you cheat with your phone in your pocket? (Score 1) 437

Maybe I'm a bit slow on this, but I'm still trying to figure out how one cheats with their phone in their pocket. I get how on some phones you can send a text with your phone in your pocket, but how exactly do you receive an answer with the phone in your pocket? Does the person aiding you send you back 1 text for answer A, 2 for B, etc. and you count the number of times your phone vibrates? Of course in a smaller room, I'd imagine some people would be able to hear the vibrating and ask you to give up your phone.

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