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Comment Re:Germany here. 1GB = 9.90€. Prepaid. (Score 3, Insightful) 376

If Americans traveled outside their own country more then they wouldn't accept the prices they pay.

I hear this all the time, but the reason for this is the size of the country and the lack of nearby countries that aren't named Canada or Mexico. To get anywhere out of the country other than that is out of the budget of most Americans.

Comment Re:Browser history? (Score 1) 198

tcpdump gives information about browsing history. But I think they were using kismet in their software. I haven't used kismet but I'm guessing it does the same.

That aside, a 5 year old could get the information they got by typing in one command on a command line.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something (Score 1) 663

This is sad to hear. As a student, if I went to an OS class and started hearing lectures on web programming I'd drop the class and ask for my money back. Also, your department head doesn't seem to know what she is doing. With the way her department seems to be set up now, I'd be surprised if graduates got jobs anywhere outside of the web app market.

Comment Re:IE6 isn't being held up by choice (Score 1) 422

My father uses it still, and I believe he's part of a populous subset of people that think "It's different. It's broken!"

Whenever windows update comes up he thinks it's spam. Whenever a security warning comes up he thinks he has a virus. Whenever any update window comes up he thinks it's spam.

His work machine was running XP service pack 1 until yesterday.

Train those people and you'll get rid of IE6.

Comment Re:You're accidentally correct (Score 1) 849

I think the reason people don't sit down and listen to albums anymore is because people don't buy full albums anymore. They buy/download individual songs. Personally, whenever I have a full album of something, I'll still listen through it all.

So I really don't think people not listening to full albums today is because of frequencies that you can't hear. Sorry, but it makes far less sense.

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