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Submission + - Buy Vista, get 1 free 1

d23tek writes: "Windows is offering those who participated in Beta or RC testing a free copy of Vista. But only if you buy one, of course. Sounds like they are really desperate to pump up their sales numbers.

The following email was sent to an unknown number of RC and Beta testers:

"Happy Birthday Windows Vista!

As we approach the one year anniversary of launching Windows Vista® we want to remember you as one of the many people who downloaded and tested one of the Windows Vista Beta or Release Candidates through TechNet or MSDN®. YOU were a significant contributor to the development of Windows Vista. Your participation was extremely valuable to Microsoft, and we would like to say, "Thank You!"

To show our appreciation, we have several special offers exclusively available to you.

Offer 1: The ULTIMATE OFFER Just go to your favorite retail or online store and purchase a standalone, full package Windows Vista Ultimate product, full or upgrade version, and we will match that with a second, complimentary Windows Vista Ultimate Upgrade product key. We will honor a copy you purchased, and first activated, after December 1, 2007. Hurry! This offer expires on January 15, 2008.

To take advantage of this great offer, simply follow these steps:

Go to http://www.windowsvistaevalcomp.com/

Sign in using the same Windows Live ID that you used to download the beta or release candidate versions of Windows Vista.

Follow the instructions to locate the Product ID on the computer running the qualifying copy Windows Vista Ultimate that you recently purchased.

Enter that Product ID into the online form.

We will then provide you with a Windows Vista Ultimate upgrade key, so you can install Windows Vista Ultimate onto a second machine. (The second machine must have Windows XP or a version of Windows Vista already installed in order to upgrade)

Please note that this key is NOT for resale, although you may give it as a gift to a friend or colleague. Limit one complimentary key per person. Windows Vista Ultimate Academic and Student versions are not included in this promotion."

Other offers are chances to win an Amazon gift card by taking a survey, or winning a PC autographed by Bill Gates. At least those have more value than a copy of Vista."

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