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Comment CEO modified database without telling anyone (Score 1) 300

I once had the CEO of the company I was working for at the time change the name of a field in my database table because he didn't like the name I had given it, and didn't tell me or anyone else about the change. I came into work the next day to find that the previously working code was no longer functioning.

Comment Maybe solving traffic isn't his actual goal (Score 1) 288

Digging tunnels to help alleviate traffic congestion seems pretty unrealistic; the logistics of getting permission and avoiding any existing underground infrastructure seems like it would be a nightmare.

On the other hand, being able to efficiently dig tunnels seems like something that would be vital to building a colony on Mars...

Comment Re:Confirmation bias? (Score 1) 186

I live in the Boston area, and I had a vehicle with a similar radar system for emergency braking for about 6 months. It beeped at and/or braked for me maybe half a dozen times during that period (so about once a month), and about half of those were actually instances where I might have actually gotten into an accident without it (one would have certainly been an accident, or very close to it). So, it did a pretty good job, and wasn't providing false positives at a rate that would even approach annoying.

Comment Re:Does this give me native CLI tools or not (Score 1) 492

I had a windows 10 update completely hose my system. It got stuck in a loop when booting up trying "auto fix" the problem, and absolutely none of the options in the recovery program helped. My wife's computer did the same thing several weeks before. My only option was to put my Windows 7 disk in it and reinstall from scratch. I haven't upgraded to windows 10 again (even though it keeps bugging me to do so several times a day).

Comment Re:Neither (Score 1) 90

If you're talking about "mobile websites" in the context of a separate page/site that mobile devices get redirected to, I'm completely in agreement. Those are garbage.

But what I think they are talking about here (since I skimmed the article and it mentioned web standards), is what is commonly referred to as "responsive design" ( It's the exact same website / webpage as the desktop "version", but some additional things are added to make it display / function properly on a mobile device. One such example is scaling things on smaller screens that have high resolutions to make them readable (so you don't have to constantly be zooming in and out to use the app.

And CSS does some really wonderful things now where you can display things differently depending on the size of the screen (i.e. on a desktop you might have several items laid out horizontally in columns, but on a mobile device they become stacked vertically instead)

Comment Predictable (Score 1) 484

However judges take into account the 'spirt' of the law, and are often interested in how something behaves or what it actually does as opposed to the technological implementation

While that does make sense, by the same logic wouldn't anyone who has an antenna connected to a computer/DVR and then connected that to their TV be doing the same thing and also be illegal?

Comment Re:Wrong decision (Score 1) 484

But essentially all that Aereo is doing is providing a "cloud" (or "remote") version of the DVR box that many people have in their homes.

I have a computer in my apartment that I have set up as a dedicated DVR with a TV tuner card and a digital antenna connected to it. I use that to record the shows I am interested in from the broadcast channels, and watch them at a later date. I also use the network cables in my apartment to "stream" that video to my xbox and watch the show on my TV in the living room (the DVR and antenna are in the bedroom).

Is my setup illegal too? Am I required to license the ability to "re-transmit" the content to myself? The only functional difference is that Aereo is providing the same thing as a service so that people don't have to setup their own antennas and computers.

Comment Re:Serously? (Score 1) 398

There were many factors that went into the decision to drop the bombs, but the main reason was to end the war quickly (again for several reasons). Sure, the Japanese were essentially defeated already and many of them wanted to surrender, but all indications were that the emperor was unwilling to surrender and that they would fight until the last man. The projected casualties for the planned invasion of the Japanese mainland were around 1.5 million when counting both Japanese and Allied forces (which is more than what the bombs killed, even including the lasting effects), so it may have actually ended up saving lives. However, the primary motivation for using the bombs was to get Japan to surrender before the Russians got involved, because Truman didn't want to have to split up Japan like what happened to Germany after the war.

In retrospect (as was also pointed out by others below), it was also the right decision because it showed the world what the weapons were actually capable of, and how horrible they are (a science experiment as you called it), which has resulted in us not using them again since. Had that not happened, we likely would have used them in the next major conflict and made things much worse. There had been people pushing to drop the first bomb on an uninhabited island near Japan as a demonstration, but that likely wouldn't have had quite the same effect.

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