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Submission + - Classpath hell just froze over (sellmic.com)

An anonymous reader writes: At last week's JavaOne, Mark Reinhold declared "the classpath is dead". The blog post "Classpath hell just froze over" summarizes some of the presentations and discussions at JavaOne regarding project Jigsaw which aims to modularize the now very large JDK in the next release of Java (version 7 due in 2010). It also highlights some of the controversies and unanswered questions, mainly around native module distribution (you can install java modules as rpm packages) and issues with the OSGi alliance.

Submission + - JPA 2.0 - Java's Answer to LINQ.

An anonymous reader writes: Java is set to get a decent equivalent to Microsoft's LINQ via the Java Persistence API 2.0 (JPA). The spec is at the final draft stage. JPA 2.0 takes a very different approach to that taken by Microsoft exploiting the annotation code generator built in to Java as an alternative to adding method and type literals (commonly referred to as "DSL support") to the Java language itself. Whilst driven out of necessity the resulting API has greater type safety than would be obtainable via the language level changes without adding further complexity to the Java language itself. The technique has wider applications for programmers wishing to use their Java knowledge to explore Domain Specific Languages. InfoQ has a good summary of the approach.

Silverlight On the Way To Linux 475

Afforess writes "For the past two years Microsoft and Novell have been working on the 'Moonlight' project. It is a runtime library for websites that run Silverlight. It should allow PCs running Linux to view sites that use Siverlight. Betanews reports 'In the next stage of what has turned out to be a more successful project than even its creators envisioned, the public beta of Moonlight — a runtime library for Linux supporting sites that expect Silverlight — is expected within days.' Moonlight 2.0 is already in the works."

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