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Comment Re:Quantum (Score 1) 405

hydrogen ions so the can be accelerated to high speed with very little power, then increase their gravitic mass until the inevitably fuse into a cloud of an atom with an atomic number and atomic mass in the zillions, then shut "the magic field" off and watch the giant atoms fission releasing considerable energy to their surroundings.

Duuuude!!! You have the kernel of an awesome SF novel here...what you describe seems to be the recipe for a "Big Bang" and the plot could involve a scientist trying to recreate the Big Bang and make a whole new universe.

Comment Re:Example: Standard Deviation (Score 4, Insightful) 429

There are some things you should never be able to forget - the definitions and meanings of probability, mean, median, standard deviation and variance come to mind. You find yourself in situations everyday where you need to apply some of these things. Am I wrong about this? Do people forget basic definitions so easily?

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