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Submission + - AT&T Gears Up for the iPhone ( 1

ElvaWSJ writes: "In preparation for its exclusive launch of the cellphone industry's most anticipated device, AT&T is pulling out all the stops. It is adding about 2,000 temporary employees to cope with the influx of shoppers in the first few months. And it is planning for enhanced security to control the potentially large crowds and avoid theft of the phones, which will go for a steep $499 or $599, depending on memory capacity. Some sales agents expect to see people camping outside the night before."
Input Devices

Submission + - Typing faster than Intelligible Speech (

microbox writes: According to this article, an average speedy "typist" works at about 35-40 words per minute — a professional around 70-95 words per minute. Yet I recently came across an article on machine shorthand that purports that a typist can reach 225-300 words per minute. That's faster than intelligible speech! The trick is to use a chorded keyboard where-by a user types whole syllables or words by striking multiple keys at once, a technique called "chording". Specialized hardware goes for between $US 1000-4000, however, I see no reason why we couldn't use a regular keyboard for chorded input. I failed to find any FOSS software like a text editor that lets you use your keyboard in "chorded" mode. Is this a better mouse-trap that's just waiting to be built?

Submission + - Government Approved Baby Names (

soapthgr8 writes: "In an attempt to provide a meaningful name for their newborn, a New Zealand couple has encountered resistance from the Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages. It seems that "numerals are not allowed" in names, although, the Registrar-General indicates that the "name has not at this stage been rejected." How far is too far for governmental prevention of the crime of possible "offense"? This appears to cross that line."

Submission + - How to Get Six Pack Abs (

DotWhoo writes: "How to Get Six Pack Abs The simple 2 step process to gaining a six pack abs is as follows: strengthen your abdominal muscles and lose body fat. The concept is simple, but putting it into action is not. It will take dedication, willpower, patience and time to get a six pack but in the end, the effort is well worth it."
Media (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone to Support Native YouTube Client (

MattPat writes: "Much like the client currently available on the Apple TV, iPhone users will get a previously-unmentioned piece of functionality when the iPhone ships in 9 days: a native YouTube client.

Apple® today announced that iPhone(TM) users will be able to enjoy YouTube's originally-created content on their iPhones when they begin shipping on June 29. A new Apple-designed application on iPhone will wirelessly stream YouTube's content to iPhone over Wi-Fi or EDGE networks and play it on iPhone's stunning 3.5 inch display. ... "iPhone delivers the best YouTube mobile experience by far," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO. "Now users can enjoy YouTube wherever they are — on their iPhone, on their Mac or on a widescreen TV in their living room with Apple TV."

Apple already has a QuickTour of the functionality on its website."

PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Ken Kutargi Steps Down as Sony CEO (

fwice writes: "FTA:

The departure of Kutaragi, an icon among gamers, marks the end of an era at Sony Corp. that saw the company long dominate the video game industry with its flagship PlayStation consoles.

But it also highlights troubles at Sony amid a series of blunders over the rollout of its PlayStation 3 and intense competition from Nintendo Co.'s popular Wii console and Microsoft's Xbox 360.

Kutaragi's most recent brainchild, the PlayStation 3, has been marred by embarrassing production shortages and a $600 price tag that some fans said was too steep, forcing Sony to give away free games and other marketing gimmicks to spur sales."


Submission + - Dell replacing faulty LCD screens

An anonymous reader writes: Dell responds to customers who created a Web site to complain that some LCD screens developed a one pixel-wide vertical line by offering free replacements of the displays. According to the Web site, unless a faulty LCD screen is replaced, it can develop a permanent vertical line one pixel wide, either stuck on a single color or reflecting the color displayed behind it. ell first responded to the issue in April, offering to replace certain 17-inch displays on Inspiron 9200, Inspiron 9300 and XPS Gen 2 notebooks sold between November 2004 and October 2006. On Tuesday, Dell expanded its replacement program to include six more models, including the Inspiron 6000 and 8600, Latitude D800 and D810, and Precision Mobile Workstation M60 and M70 notebooks sold between December 2004 and December 2006. Some of those models use a faulty component that can generate the line over time, according to a posting on Dell's corporate blog by Lionel Menchaca, Dell's digital media manager. Dell will now replace any LCD screen affected by this issue within three years of purchase, or will refund customers who were forced to pay for their own replacements, Menchaca said.

Submission + - NVIDIA Launches Tesla Brand for GPGPU (

An anonymous reader writes: Today, NVIDIA launched the Tesla brand of products. Using the same GPUs found in the GeForce series, these cards can accelerate workloads written in CUDA, NVIDIA's GPU programming language. Beyond3D has an overview at what these products are (including the 1U rackmount with 4 GeForce 8800 chips in it), what they can currently do, and what the future of the GPGPU market is. They also have interviews with David Kirk, chief scientist of NVIDIA, and Andy Keane, manager for the Tesla brand.

Submission + - Tractor Beam to Prevent Aircraft Missile Attack

mattnyc99 writes: In the race against aircraft terrorism, Boeing's remote control system reported yesterday won't be the only solution. But Northrop Grumman has finally begun testing its laser-powered Guardian defense system in the fight against missiles targeting commercial jets, with nine FedEx cargo jets now carrying the infrared laser deflection system aboard their fuselages. The false heat signature operation is not that unlike Boeing's own airborne laser turret, but the Pentagon's new Global Strike system makes it clear that the U.S. may even have more of an upper hand on offense than defense when it comes to missile technology.

Feed John Maeda Goes Meta on Design (

Looking for a formula for simplicity? Talk to the director of MIT Media Lab's Physical Language Workshop. He'll tell you to lose the obvious and put Steve Jobs in charge of your company. Wired News interview by Kim Zetter.

Linux Business

Submission + - Britain to become Open Source Leader in Europe

An anonymous reader writes: "Shadow Chancellor George Osborne has promised that an incoming Conservative government would create a level playing field for open source software in the UK, in a move which could save taxpayers more than £600 million a year. In a speech at the Royal Society of Arts, he also announced the appointment of Mark Thompson, of the Judge Business School at Cambridge University, to advise the Party on how to make Britain the open source leader in Europe."

Submission + - 'Bill Gates for President' group gives up

netbuzz writes: "Dilbert creator Scott Adams had done his best to make this fantasy (or nightmare, depending on your point of view) a viable notion, but after three months of trying the group's leader has acknowledged that it's unlikely Gates will give up his current gig. They've tossed in the towel. 8

Original Slashdot post: 30/2030205"
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Creative Places to Work

DieNadel writes: The company I work for as a developer pays a good salary and gives me some stability, but it has a total lack of creative work. We mostly spend our days looking into bugs and doing really boring development. I'm therefore looking for a job in a new and more creative environment, but it's hard to figure out a place besides the usual suspects (Microsoft, Google and Apple). So, the place you work at gives you the ability to be creative? Do you know some companies that fit the profile (in the US and Worldwide)? Please let us know their name and how to apply.

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