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Comment Re:Open Source (Score 1) 350

The crystalline steel that makes up the last several turbine blades is a state secret, and if you try to run a similar turbine without those components, you're gonna have a bad time. The heat and pressure will disintegrate most metals withing a few hundred to a few thousand hours of installation. The camera lies outside my specialty, but I think a commercial equivalent would cost the Iranians a lot of weight, which would cut down on range and munitions.

Submission + - Girls and coding: female peer pressure scares them off (

cypherdtraitor writes: "For three years we have run a big coding event across the UK called Young Rewired State . We invite people aged 18 and under to get together at a variety of centres local to them, and build something using open government data. [...] In our first year, 2009, 50 young people took part; this time we are expecting 500. At the festival the one question I am asked regularly is: "Where are the girls?"[...]The answer is this: a maximum of 5% at the festival each year are girls. You may not have seen them all on stage, since some are uncomfortable with public speaking – especially if there is a risk that they'll be "outed" as a geek.[...]These are my conclusions: [...]"

-Emma Mulqueeny is the co-founder of Rewired State

Comment Props to steam (Score 1) 194

Why steam wins:
1.) No CD's needed
2.) AWESOME prices
3.) I can't lose a game, its always tied to my account
4.) Install across multiple machines
5.) Valve's games aren't crippled with DRM, they just don't let you play multi-player pirated

I love steam. I love your sales. I love your delivery method. I love how updates are automatic and fairly un-noticed. Steam rocks.

Comment Bad Idea (Score 2) 198

I would recommend just censoring yourself.

The fact of the matter is that if the country is actually using sophisticated techniques to look for spies, they will be actively looking for data traveling in an encrypted form to the united states.

It would be a shame to be captured and interrogated because the tyrants didn't know that "secret message" was about how much you hate your boss.

Comment Its the data carrier's fault (Score 1) 618

I want a tablet with a data plan. It could be my phone and my portable computer.

But, it is specifically AT&T's fault I choose not to. Here's why.

1.) limitation on bandwidth: I expect to use 5 gigs of data a month. This puts me right on the borderline of what will cost me hidden fees.
2.) Hidden fees: They abound. If I could get a straight answer on what it would cost, I would gladly pay for a data package. They lie about what the cost will be. I don't pay hidden fees. So I can't get a data package.
3.) Crippled hardware: Of the android OS devices I wanted, almost all are crippled in one way or another. The worst is when AT&T sells devices without a wireless chip and doesn't tell you. They did that to me with my blackberry, and it pissed me off.
4.) Crippled software: How many data carriers block access to parts or all of the Android Market in favor of a contractually obligated private market?
5.) Trust: Because AT&T isn't up front with costs and feature limitations, I don't believe them when they tell me what they could get. They are liars, and normally I wouldn't do business with liars. Luckily for me, I sublease my phone contract with someone else, so I'm only in a 6 month pre-paid contract with a friend. If it weren't for this, I'd be 100% prepaid phone service.


Comment egg.. chicken (Score 1) 239

I learned basic calculus in high school. I just completed a course in my first semester of college in multi-variable calculus. I didn't go to most of the lectures because I've grown to learn most heavily from books. It was a more efficient use of my time to learn what I needed to learn on my own, so I skipped the lectures and studied. In theory, if I were sufficiently motivated, I wouldn't need to go to college to become an aerospace engineer. Honestly, I think I would learn best in an apprenticeship.

In any case, your argument is reducto ad adsurdum and has the simple fallacy that you omit the possibility of motivated self learners that hit the books.

I'd go for the fellowship if it had more money attached to it.

Submission + - NJ gives man 7 years for legally having guns (

cypherdtraitor writes: New Jersey Gun laws have reached a new level of insanity. In the state that is trying to ban firearms without the outright banning of firearms, a judge would not permit a defendant to inform the jury of when it is legal to transfer a firearm. The judge did not even inform the jury himself. Now, an innocent man may face 7 years in prison for following the written law, and violating New Jersey's draconian intent.

"Aitken and his friend Michael Torries had found an apartment in Hoboken, and Torries accompanied Aitken to Colorado to help with the last leg of the move. According to testimony Torries later gave at Aitken's trial, before leaving Colorado Aitken researched and printed out New Jersey and federal gun laws to be sure he moved his firearms legally. Richard Gilbert, Aitken's trial attorney, says Aitken also called the New Jersey State Police to get advice on how to legally transport his guns, although Burlington County Superior Court Judge James Morley didn't allow testimony about that phone call at Aitken's trial [...] The exemptions allow New Jersey residents to have guns[...]when traveling between residences. [...] Yet Judge Morley wouldn't allow Aitken to claim the exemption for transporting guns between residences. He wouldn't even let the jury know about it."

Comment I'll be re-compiling (Score 1) 548

if you do this, it will probably be re-installed in the next automatic update.

Partly because I have never done so before, I will be modifying it directly and neutering its code. This way it still registers as installed and won't update.

I find the census troubling because undoubtedly the data could be subpoenaed by a federal judge. Its not that I do anything illegal, its just that I like to reduce my footprint.

Submission + - 3d Google Street View: Updated

cypherdtraitor writes: A while ago some of you may have noted brief 3d functionality on Google Street View. Apparently it is now back. If you're curious, go to google street view with your funny colored glasses. Right click on the image from Google Street view and select "3d mode on."

I've confirmed this is Mozilla Firefox and Opera.

Submission + - 3d Google Street View (

cypherdtraitor writes: A while ago some of you may have noted brief 3d functionality on Google Street View. Apparently it is now back. If you're curious, go to google street view with your funny colored glasses. Click in the view window (to be sure it is the active object.) Press control+L, then control+T. This combo was probably selected because it is a common hot key combo in Firefox.
Bear in mind, you may need to have beta testing enabled. Something similar has been reported in Google Books, although I have not been able to find it.

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