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Comment Re:Who Benefits? (Score 2) 1025

Effective does not equal one hundred percent efficacy. There is a direct correlation between being vaccinated and not catching those specific diseases - it's not a high correlation between being immunised for measles and catching something else, and this is still being tested in those parts of the world that don't have vaccinations. The risk of autism is small to non existent (there is no correlation). Would you rather your kid have autism or catching tetanus and dying? Parents tell all sorts of anecdotes that turn out to be true, the most prominent of which is sugar rushes. The singular of data is not anecdote. -just because big pharmaceutical companies benefit doesn't mean children who get vaccinated don't either. It's like not eating food because 'Big Agro' is profiting.

Comment Re:Let's be honest, we do this already (Score 1) 840

Or you could just be using this as a justification of your desire to copulate with as many strangers as possible because, you know, monogamy is not unique to the human species. So I doubt that it's a case of where human "morality" is overriding a "biological drive", unless you believe penguins and the like also have a highly developped code of ethics. In fact, the very existence of "jealousy" - an emotion that can even lead humans to kill each other - could be seen as an argument showing that monogamy is actually hard-wired into the human psyche, and perhaps those individuals who don't practice it are the unusual ones.

Either way I don't care, it's one of these argument that we will argue about 'till the cows come home but no one will actually ever be able to prove anything. Popcorn?

We want our mates to be faithful, that's what jealousy does: tries to get us to make sure our partners are carrying our genes. There are good reasons why jealousy would propagate in a non monogamous society, it probably isn't an indicator that we're monogamous by nature. Monogamy can develop in nature, and thrive, and the opposite happens too. Humans do have well documented drives however to spread their genes around, just because you don't doesn't mean a lot of people do.

Comment Ethicist says: (Score 1) 840

"We should always ask how genetic engineering should go wrong." It's like calling someone out for going on an anti-gun nut diatribe after a bunch of nuts up and kill a heap of people. Who else is in a position to potentially abuse new technology? Minorities? Non-wealthy individuals? When we start to have people blaming the rich for peeing in dank city alleys, then you can start on that.

Submission + - Adobe to Nick Flash Player off the Android store from 15th August ( 1

hypnosec writes: Adobe has announced that it will be making the Flash Player for Android unavailable for new devices and users from August 15 in continuation of its plan to discontinue development of Flash Player for mobile browsers. The company announced its decision through a blog post and further said that only those users who have already installed the flash player on their devices will be receiving any future updates. To ensure that this is the case, Adobe is going to make configuration changes on its Google Play Flash Player page.

Submission + - SPAM: Up to 40% Discounts: 2012 Back to School Surprise for Teachers and Students

aikolovedig writes: "As 2012 Back to School season draws near, Moyea Software has carried out its 2012 Back to School Surprise for teachers and students. According to Moyea 2012 Back to School promotion plan, converters including PPT to video converter series and SWF to video converter series are provided with discounts up to 40%."
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