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Submission + - Hacked Bank of India Site Labelled Trustworthy ( 1

SkiifGeek writes: "When the team at Sunbelt Software picked up on a sneaky hack present on the Bank of India website, it became a unique opportunity to see how the various anti-phishing and website trust verification tools were handling a legitimate site that had been attacked.

Unfortunately, the results showed that not one of the sites or tools identified that the Bank of India website was compromised and serving malware to all visitors. This isn't the first time that trust verification sites have had trouble identifying web content, with noted web application researcher RSnake recently taking umbrage at the classification that SiteAdvisor applies to his site."


Submission + - Google Earth Flight Simulator (

marcog123 writes: "Last week Google launched Google Sky as an addition to Google Earth. However, what they didn't tell us is that the sneaked in another key addition — a flight simulator. They appear to have held back on publicising this new feature, although it could be considered by some as more useful than Google Sky. It is currently limited to an F16 and SR22, but the selection of runways is impressive for an under-the-radar release. It's a great new addition that complements Google Earth well!"

Jon Stewart, Lorne Michaels Come Out In Favour of YouTube 114

techdirt writes "Viacom employee Jon Stewart recently announced that he believes his bosses are making a mistake in taking Viacom content off of YouTube. Today, NBC employee and Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels has stated he can't understand NBC's position on YouTube. The interview with Michaels is especially interesting, because it was a Saturday Night Live clip of the infamous 'Lazy Sunday' music video that is often credited with putting YouTube on the map. At the same time, however, almost everyone admitted that it did wonders in revitalizing SNL's reputation (as well as boosting Andy Samberg's reputation to new heights). Yet, NBC's lawyers shot it down, limiting the benefit to SNL. It appears that Michaels understands that, and says he wishes they could put more of the show on YouTube."

Google buys DoubleClick for $3.1 Billion 351

marvinalone writes "The New York Times reports that Google has purchased DoubleClick. That seems to be the conclusion to the speculation we've talked about earlier. From the article: 'Google reached an agreement today to acquire DoubleClick, the online advertising company, from two private equity firms for $3.1 billion in cash, the companies announced, an amount that was almost double the $1.65 billion in stock that Google paid for YouTube late last year.'"
The Internet

New Law Lets Data Centers Hide Power Usage 208

1sockchuck writes "Just days after Google announced that it may build a huge data center in the state, Oklahoma's governor has signed a bill into law that will effectively exempt the largest customers of municipal power companies from public disclosure of how much power they are using. Officials of the state's power industry say the measure is not a 'Google Law' but was sought 'on behalf of large-volume electric users that might be considering a move to Oklahoma.' Others acknowledge that data center operators were among those seeking the law, apparently arguing that the details of their enormous power usage are a trade secret. Google recently acquired 800 acres in Pryor, Oklahoma for possible development as a data center, and is reportedly seeking up to 15 megawatts of power for the facility."

Submission + - Google Summer of Code Program Overhauled

lisah writes: "Though at first glance Google's Summer of Code (SOC) 2007 looks pretty much the same as last year's event, it turns out much of the program has been overhauled based on feedback from past participants. The biggest change is the amount of lead time given to applicants and mentoring organizations in the hopes of increasing the applicant pool and allowing everyone to be better organized once the program gets officially underway on May 28. SOC organizers say they are also aware that slow payment to last year's participants has been a bone of contention and they are taking steps to 'make sure that the problem is diminished or will not happen again.'""

Submission + - BBC mulls less DRM; wider OS support for iPlayer

zombieflesheater writes: "The BBC has detailed its proposals for new on-demand services to be made available through its iPlayer software. Among the offerings are TV catch-up over Internet and live TV streaming. Now the Beeb asking its customers how they think the services should work. Under its new Public Value Test process, the BBC trust has started a public consultation to gather license payer opinion. Among other things, Auntie wants to know whether the proposed service should be made available to consumers who are not using Microsoft software. The removal of DRM restrictions from certain audio downloads are also being considered. The consultation period ends on 28 March."

Submission + - MS attacks it's own DRM

morlock_man writes: "Despite claiming to support the PlaysForSure DRM into the indefinite Future, MS has apparently broken the DRM compatibility with Windows Media Player 11 and Vista. A number of reports are coming in from companies working with the DRM that attempts at playing any music licensed through the PFS DRM under Vista consistently produce errors. Is this an oversight on Microsoft's part? Or are they attempting to cripple their licensed DRM system in favour of supporting their own proprietary Zune business model? Can you say 'Antitrust'?"
The Courts

RIAA Appeals Award of Attorneys' Fees 156

Fishing Expedition writes in with a story in Ars reporting that the RIAA has decided to appeal a judge's decision to award attorneys' fees to defendant Debbie Foster in Capitol Records v. Foster. If the award stands, the RIAA could find itself in trouble in numerous other cases, and they know it. Their real fear, more than the attorneys' fees, is the judge's finding that the RIAA's arguments for contributory and vicarious infringement claims in cases like this one are not viable.

Submission + - Motorola Bluetooth Active Headphones S9

Pete writes: "Motorola has recently introduced the S9 Bluetooth Active Headphones. This comfortable and stylish product is used to achieve wireless access to any Bluetooth adaptable music player or phone. Users will be able to change tracks or answer calls by just hitting buttons on the headset. No more wires to juggle while jogging or shift around while driving. Read More "

Submission + - No third-party apps on iPhone says Jobs

wyldeone writes: "In an interview with the New York Times, Steve Jobs confirms reports that the recently-announced iPhone will not allow third party applications to be installed. According to Jobs, 'These are devices that need to work, and you can't do that if you load any software on them.' In a similar vein, Jobs said in a MSNBC article that, 'Cingular doesn't want to see their West Coast network go down because some application messed up.'"

Submission + - Mars probe may have spotted lost Sojourner rover

Maggie McKee writes: "NASA's eagle-eyed Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter may have spotted the tiny, toaster oven-sized Sojourner rover just a few meters away from its companion, the Mars Pathfinder lander. It appears to have crawled there in an attempt to re-establish contact with the lander after the lander had already died. But the pictures aren't clear enough to definitively ID the rover, and it's possible Sojourner simply took off on its own. If it were miraculously still alive after 10 years, it could be 3 kilometers away from Pathfinder — and probably impossible to find, even with MRO."

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