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Submission + - Nanotechnology Scenarios (

cynical writes: "The Center for Responsible Nanotechnology just released a set of eight scenarios on the possible ways that molecular manufacturing could emerge. CRN pulled together more than 50 people from six continents, in multiple "virtual workshops" over several months, to examine the impact of different drivers, including military conflict, global warming, and open source. The full set of scenarios was published today on the CRN website, and will appear next year in the peer-reviewed academic journal Nanotechnology Perceptions ."

Submission + - Simulated mouse-brain running at 1/10 speed

Waylon writes: "IBM researchers have modeled a mouse's brain at 10 percent speed — and what can be done at 10 percent speed today can be done at 1000 percent in a couple cycles of Moore's Law. (Let me be the first to say that I, for one, welcome our Super-intelligent virtual mice overlords!) From the article: "We deployed the simulator on a 4096-processor BlueGene/L supercomputer with 256 MB per CPU. We were able to represent 8,000,000 neurons (80% excitatory) and 6,300 synapses per neuron in the 1 TB main memory of the system. Using a synthetic pattern of neuronal interconnections, at a 1 ms resolution and an average firing rate of 1 Hz, we were able to run 1s of model time in 10s of real time...""

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