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Journal Journal: Politics on Slashdot

Having a debate about politics on Slashdot is like having a debate about the rules of kickball on an elementary school playground by third graders.
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Journal Journal: First Mod Points

For the first time I have moderator points. I'm not really sure how the system decides when and to whom to give mod points. I assume you have to be on for so long and have a certain karma level.
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Journal Journal: I am a Republican

I'm a Republican. I'm also a white, middle-class, Christian, heterosexual male. So there's some more stereotype fodder for you.

Lately, I've grown sick and tired of politics. I'm not represented by any news media outlet. From CNN, NPR, or Fox News. I'm tired of liberals spouting off about tolerance and acceptance and then slandering persons who don't belong to their political school of thought. It's truly the definition of hypocrisy.

So if I haven't pissed you off enough, read on and learn some of my informed political stances:

  • Abortion should be legal because there are medically necessary situations for it, and in those situations it should be a safe procedure. But using abortion as a form of contraceptive is morally abhorrant to say the least.
  • Bush needs to lose Cheney like the plague.
  • Chicago Cubs all the way. Go North Side!
  • I wanted to vote for McCain.
  • No, taxing the middle and lower classes isn't the answer. But I admit that I don't understand economic policy so I can't make a logical conclusion on existing/proposed policies. Do you? I doubt it.
  • Ethics is not some pseudo-babble, "whatever floats your boat", relativism.
  • France has a part to play in world affairs. It's just not the one they think they should be playing.
  • Political reform in Iran is a possibility. Seeding this should be a U.S. priority. Not through military means, but perhaps through more covert channels.
  • Outsourcing is bad and the short-term savings will come back to haunt U.S. companies. It's far more difficult to control the security of your product when it's being developed on the other side of the planet.
  • China needs to: Loosen up on Hong Kong, give back Tibet to its people, and stop posturing about Taiwan because we all know the current situation is fine and mutually agreeable.
  • North Korea needs to shut the hell up and stop acting like a spoiled brat every time they want aid. Kim Jong-Il really needs to die in some mysterious accident. The difference between Iraq and North Korea is that North Korea is surrounded by large, powerful countries who have a vested interest in not having nukes blowing up nearby (read: South Korea, China, Japan, and Russia).
  • Palistinians need to lose Yassar Arafat. He's screwed them over for a decade and held up peace.
  • Israelis need to stop shooting everything in sight.
  • America has not backed out of only two conflicts since World War II: Grenada and Panama. We have to stay committed in Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Kerry says he'll send as many troops and supplies to Iraq as necessary. How's that for peace-mongering? But he voted against the financing bill. Double talk.

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