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Comment "CIA has tools to bypass the encryption mechanisms (Score 1) 447

Not exactly. If the CIA (or anyone) hacks the phone, they can install keyloggers, which can grab data before it gets encrypted. They can also install screen readers that can see incoming messages after they've been decrypted.

In other words, if they can look over your shoulder, you're not secure.

Comment Re:Not in the summary: (Score 1) 553

FUCK YOU -- do you know the 1st thing about Boko Haram? Can you actually sit there and state that you have any evidence that shows that Boko Haram has any capability of employing any sort of tactics above brute force warlord style tactics on their immediate locality? Is there any evidence of Boko Haram having any sort of International Network or capability to strike the US? I would liken Boko Haram to be on par with street gangs here in the US Would you cry foul if other nations started detaining random Americans because the US was home to such "terrorist" organizations as the Crips and Bloods, Skinheads and Mexican Mafia? Because each those organizations are more sophisticated, organized and better armed than Boko Haram

Comment Re:Competition is good! (Score 1) 84

I tried Sprint when I first moved to the SF Bay Area in 2001. Bad mistake -- even with this "bargain" I don't think I would ever go back Poor coverage, and they stuck me on this tiny little price plan and refused to offer me anything higher. After getting a cell bill for $700 I said eff it and left. Paying the early termination fee after only a couple months was far more affordable than continuing to use them

Comment Bernie was an actual Socialist (Score 1, Insightful) 251

The attack ads practically write themselves. All they had to do was point out that Chavez, in Venezuela, was an actual Socialist, and look how well Venezuela is doing, and Bernie will do for America what Chavez did for Venezuela. Repeat at high volume for 3 months. Heck, look at how well the attacks claiming Obama and Bill Clinton were Socialists worked, and they were nowhere near socialism.

Bernie, unlike Hillary, would've lost the popular vote too.

Comment Re:The End of Freedom (Score 1) 491

No -- what I am saying is that the Middle Class is dying, and the millennials will join the ever growing ranks of the working poor. Because that's what's going on, the destruction of the middle class, and the creation of a bi-furcated society of the Have's and the other 90% who will be the working poor

Comment The End of Freedom (Score 3, Insightful) 491

Freedom in America is largely defined by Economic Freedom. Without the ability to obtain a disposable income, Millennials are unable to live their life on their terms. They are effectively Wage Slaves, shackled to and controlled by Debt and most of them will prove powerless to overcome that slavery. We will see the middle class die within the next decade, and with it, the rise of chronic underemployment, and the end of the nuclear family as multi-family and multi-generational households will become the new norm

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